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Increase in social status and literacy, efficiency and productivity of youth projects — experts on the Year of Youth

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Opening ceremony of the Year of Youth “Tauelsіzdіktіn Urpaktary” took place Jan. 23, 2019, launching the large-scale events aimed at comprehensive support of youth and effective implementation of state youth policy. Chairman of Public Association Center for Civil Initiatives Batima Mukina and Deputy Director of Youth Research Center Assem Kaidarova told PrimeМ about new opportunities.

Mukina notes that at the meeting the Head of State touched upon important issues of forming a young person, based on his personal needs: family, education, work, housing, and social aspects (development of volunteering, business, science, etc.). All youth initiatives will receive real financial support from the state.

“It is important to develop youth organizations that unite active youth and assist young people in difficult life situations,” Mukina stressed.

The expert believes that the youth of Kazakhstan is the driving force of the country, which practically makes up 30% of the population of the country, which with its modern views, high-quality knowledge and productive initiatives has a huge potential to give impetus to the socio-economic development of the country.

Today, young people occupy various positions in government agencies, private and other organizations, do business, develop scientific products, promote modern trends, raise their standard of living and set a qualitative tone for the future of the country.

“We are all waiting for the Year of Youth to improve social status, increase the literacy of young people, the efficiency and productivity of implemented youth projects,” Mukina concluded.

Deputy Director of the Research Center “Youth” Kaidarova, in turn, believes that the tasks set by the Head of State in the Year of Youth can be the solution of such pressing issues as unemployment and the creation of conditions for affordable housing.

“One of the dimensions of social well-being of young people is the identification of key problems in places of residence and determination of their relevance. Economic problems turned out to be the most relevant for modern Kazakhstani youth,” said Kaidarova.

So, she notes that according to the results of the research conducted by the Youth Research Center, the top five most problematic areas of youth activity include: the environmental situation, medical care, employment, opportunities to achieve goals and housing issues.

Of all the problems of concern to young people, special attention in the Year of Youth will be paid to problems in the field of employment. At the same time, the expert stressed that the improvement of the activities of youth resource centers will help the socialization of young people in society.

The youth expects address work from the Year of the Youth. As is known, the problem of unemployment in rural areas is one of the main reasons for the outflow of rural youth to the cities. Kaidarova is confident that the implementation of the Zhasyl El program in the village will help solve some problematic issues of rural youth and will contribute to the development of the village.

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