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Road Map for the Year of Youth provides for measures to improve accessibility and quality of education

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During an interview for the official site, vice minister of social development Zhuldyz Omarbekova told about plans for further work on holding the Year of Youth, in particular, about the emerging opportunities in education.

As the vice minister noted, in Kazakhstan a lot is being done to support young people.

“I would call Kazakhstan one of the most social states, because we give free secondary education to absolutely everyone, free technical education — for everyone. We have a lot of programs in the framework of employment: Youth Practice, Business Bastau and others. We have a very high per capita population of people with higher education,” said Omarbekova.

In this regard, the vice minister advises young people to study more of these kinds of programs and get involved in them.

Thus, the Roadmap for the Year of Youth provides for measures to increase the accessibility and quality of higher education.

“First of all, we want to raise the level of all universities. In each region there must be at least one university that corresponds to the level of Nazarbayev University. So that people do not concentrate in megacities. Of course, everyone goes to Astana and Almaty, because there are the best universities there. The flagship universities should be in the west, and in the north, and in the east, and in the south of the country,” noted Omarbekova.

In addition, special attention in the Roadmap is paid to equipping colleges and universities with hostels.

“Last year, the Head of State within the framework of the Five Social Initiatives gave a corresponding instruction. We will take this work under special control. We will see that the infrastructure of our colleges and universities meets all international standards. A young man who lives in northern Kazakhstan or the Aktobe region should study at the same university with the same equipment as the students of Astana and Almaty,”noted Omarbekova.

Also, the vice minister noted that the Roadmap provides for measures to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State to increase the availability of housing for young families in large cities. The ministry has already started the fulfillment of this task, the additional budget funds of the Government have been allocated. Omarbekova notes that family welfare issues depend on the availability of young people's own housing.

“In order to support the young family and young people, the President gave instructions to build housing in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Shymkent. The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development and local executive bodies will be the operators,” said the vice minister.

In addition, the Head of State called on enterprises of all forms of ownership to take an active part in creating housing conditions for young employees.

“Cadres decide everything. In any organization, be it a construction company or an opera house, it is very important to retain your personnel. You can hold if you build your hostel. Probably, within the framework of a public-private partnership, local executive bodies, together with enterprises and other organizations, will undertake this work. After all, this is not only the work of the state, it is a common work,” said Omarbekova.

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