30 January, 2019

Uzbeks, Italians launch enterprise to produce building materials

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Jizzakh Stone Quality, an Uzbek-Italian joint venture producing building materials, began to operate in Jizzakh, Trend reports.

The enterprise was established by Italian investors and Jizzakh entrepreneurs.

"Italy is a world leader in stone processing and production. Bringing new products into the market is not an easy job, but thanks to the opportunities for foreign investors created in Uzbekistan, we were able to import new technologies into Jizzakh and start producing new types of modern and high-quality products for the domestic market. We are also planning to export products," says Italian investor, Giovanni Petriccioli.

"Uzbekistan has increased the production of building materials from 120 to 180 types over the past two years and actively works on processing of natural stone. The new enterprise producing artificial marble of various sizes from wastes of natural stone will annually produce more than 360,000 square meters of products in Jizzakh. Furthermore, it is worth noting that more than 30 permanent jobs were created," Uzbek О'zqurilishmateriallari states.

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