Government • 12 February, 2019

B. Sagintayev instructs to take disciplinary action against employees of MIA for improper fire safety works

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At a meeting of the Government Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev gave a number of specific instructions for the fire and flood protection.

After hearing reports on fire prevention in the residential sector and preparedness for the flood period of 2019, the Prime Minister noted that there are problems in providing fire and flood protection for the regions that need special attention. Thus, regional akims need to focus on issues of financing, the causes of fires, as well as the quality of the audit of the residential sector.

Until the end of the heating season, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and all regional akims are entrusted with keeping the fire safety issues in the residential sector under control. It is necessary to continue the fire prevention work, pay special attention to homes where large and low-income families live, as well as people with disabilities and pensioners.

The Minister of Internal Affairs is tasked with developing and implementing a set of organizational and disciplinary measures. For inappropriate prevention and fire safety, weakening control:

  • submit a proposal to the Presidential Administration to reprimand the Vice Minister of the Interior Yury Ilyin. Since the vice minister was appointed by the order of the President of Kazakhstan.
  • severely reprimand Chairman of the Committee for Emergency Situations Vladimir Becker;
  • relieve Barat Duzakbayev from the position of the deputy chairman of the Emergency Committee;
  • announce a severe reprimand to Acting Head of the Astana Emergency Department Margulan Amanbayev.

With regard to the flood situation it was instructed to ensure readiness for change. Thus, according to Kazhydromet's forecast, in the basins of some rivers, the volume of moisture reserves exceeds the norm. The process of accumulation of snow continues. At the same time, in the third decade of February air temperature is expected to rise.

According to the forecast of Kazhydromet as of Feb. 1, 2019, the volume of moisture reserves exceeds the norms in the basins of the Akmola, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda and Kostanay regions:

  • in the basins of the lowland rivers Tobol and Togyzak (by 10-30%) in Kostanay region, Ishim (Esil) (by 15%) in Akmola region, Nura (by 55%) in Karaganda region, on all rivers (by 40-110% ) of the West Kazakhstan region;
  • on mountain rivers: Arys (by 15%) in the Turkestan region, on the right-bank tributaries of the Irtysh River (by 40%) in the East Kazakhstan region, as well as on the slopes of the Talas Alatau (15% in the north-western part), Karatau (15% in the southwestern part) and Tarbagatai (30% in the southwestern part).

The process of snow accumulation continues. According to long-term observations in February, March, April, monthly precipitation may fall.

The monthly synoptic forecast (justifiability of 20-80%) indicates that in the third decade of February, day and night air temperatures are expected to rise, which can lead to snow melt, the formation of thawed snow, and a rise in water levels.

In addition to snow cover, an important determining factor for future water flow on lowland rivers is autumn soil moisture, which is 100% above the norm in the Nura and Sherubainur river basins in the Karaganda region; above the norm by 68% in the basins of the Ishim, Selety, Shagalaly, Zhabai and Koluton rivers in the Akmola region, but lower than the norm by 40-50% in the river basins of Kostanay, Aktobe, Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions.

Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev gave a number of specific instructions to regional akims.

First. Provide high-quality implementation of the Roadmap for the Prevention and Elimination of Flood Threats. Coordination of the execution is entrusted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Second. Complete the work on the transfer of ownerless hydraulic structures to communal property.

Third. Ensure the relocation of people and the transfer of objects from water protection zones and lanes.

Fourth. Ministry of Internal Affairs together with regional akims should ensure full readiness of forces and facilities for the upcoming flood-hazardous period and timely alert the population when there is a possible threat of flooding. Promptly respond to emergencies.

Fifth. Akims of Akmola, Almaty, Karaganda, Kostanay, Turkestan regions and the Ministry of Agriculture are entrusted to take all measures for the implementation of measures noted in the Plan for the conservation, accumulation and distribution of flood waters and restoration, arrangement of water supply structures (wells) for watering livestock on distant pastures . It is necessary to ensure the implementation of the plan taking into account their integration into the State Program for the Development of the AIC.

Ministries of National Economy, Finance together with the Ministry of Agriculture, regional akims should consider issues of financing the development of a feasibility study for the construction of new reservoirs and reconstruction of small reservoirs.

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