Economy • 20 February, 2019

Tariff differentiation: how to save on heat and electricity

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To implement the President’s instructions, a new tariff scale has been introduced in Kazakhstan, measures have been taken to increase the transparency of the work of natural monopolies, as well as strengthen consumer protection societies. What consumers need to know and what will reduce the volume of services consumed in an interview with was told by the Vice Minister of National Economy Serik Zhumangarin.

According to the vice minister, in order to increase the transparency of tariff setting and the quality of the services provided, digital technologies which could significantly modernize the ​​service provision are being introduced in the housing and utilities system.

“Quite recently, the Head of State signed a new law that came into effect, there are a lot of novelties. Now the applications by natural monopolies will be submitted only in electronic form. If a person has some initial economic skills, he can look at this application and offer his comments,” said Zhumangarin.

In all regions of the country, 102 public receptions are open, which receive complaints and suggestions from the public, the results of which are checked accordingly. In addition, work is underway to strengthen consumer protection societies. At least three companies will now work in each region, and a qualification requirement has been introduced for the presence of an economic or legal education.

The vice minister noted that the main part in the cost of utilities is tariffing of heat. In this regard, Zhumangarin gave several recommendations to citizens about simple ways to save on heat and electricity.

“We are differentiating the tariff: those who have general house heat counts pay less than those who do not have them. Therefore, we must insist that the device be purchased and installed, because there are completely different tariffs, they are much lower,” the vice minister said.

At the same time, Zhumangarin reported that in Astana, 99% of houses are covered by the appraisal.

At the same time, the vice minister recommended replacing house-based energy sources with more economical options.

“These are fairly simple things, for example, to change light bulbs at home, that is, to put modern energy saving bulbs from 8 to 12 watts at home. The same absolutely luminosity, and they are guaranteed. Heat and electricity are the two most financially intensive items of our budget, that is, for example, you can buy a kettle with exactly the same boiling time, but which consumes much less power. In general, when you choose some devices, you need to look at energy consumption,” concluded Zhumangarin.

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