Government • 21 February, 2019

Government holds a meeting of Working Group on Improving Incomes and Quality of Life of Citizens

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In Ukimet Uyi the Deputy Prime Minister Erbolat Dossaev chaired a meeting of the Working Group on Increasing Incomes and Improving the Quality of Citizens’ Life, including strengthening support measures for large families.

At the meeting, mechanisms for implementing the proposals from the public received by the operational headquarters in the regions, as well as during the visits to the houses were reviewed. In general, an analysis of 14 thousand appeals was conducted. In order to increase the effectiveness of social support measures for the most vulnerable segments of the population, a single standard package of social assistance and social services will be developed, including the provision of free school meals, preferential travel, provision of uniforms and school supplies, payment of housing and communal services, etc. At the same time, taking into account the specifics of individual regions, Social cards will be developed for each region, including specific measures in the field of housing, access to educational and medical services, etc.

Special attention was paid to the issues of providing the population with housing, namely, increasing the construction of rental housing, the use of housing certificates, and the prevention of fires in the residential sector by regulating the suitability of residential premises.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Nur Otan party, the ministries of industry and infrastructure development, internal affairs, health care, and in the selector mode, the ministries of national economy, education and science, social development, as well as akimats of regions and cities of Astana, Almaty, Shymkent. It should be noted that experts and representatives of civil society participated in the discussion.

Following the discussion, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Erbolat Dossaev instructed the ministries of finance, labor and social protection of the population and akimats of the regions to complete the necessary calculations on the possibility of increasing the size of social benefits and targeted social assistance. The ministries of industry and infrastructure development, national economy, internal affairs, together with regional akimats, have been instructed to work out the necessary legislative changes in the field of housing quality regulation. In addition, the ministries of social development and healthcare are entrusted to work out the proposals of NGOs voiced during the discussion.

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