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Institute of ambassadors will help to attract fans of Kazakhstani stars to the country — Kazakh Tourism

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Tourism is an important area of the country's economy, which can significantly contribute to the development and the creation of the international image of the state. Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Tourism JSC Rashid Kuzembayev told about the promotion of the tourist potential of Kazakhstan, both in the country and abroad, reports

In 2018 on behalf of the Government, Kazakh Tourism started the development of the country’s tourism brand. He noted that the development of the brand and the adoption of the state program is a long process, it was decided to concentrate on working to increase the content of Kazakhstan tourism in the media and the Internet.

“First of all, we began to actively increase the presence of Kazakhstan in social networks. In 2018 we organized the arrival of well-known bloggers from China, whose number of subscribers is more than 100 million. The bloggers visited tourist sites in Astana, Shchuchinsk-Borovoe resort area, Almaty and Almaty region, and also visited East Kazakhstan and Turkestan regions. Their publications today read by over 150 million Chinese readers, and their number is growing daily,” said Kuzembayev.

The formation of the institute of ambassadors of tourism in Kazakhstan has also started: the first ambassador was the famous Kazakhstan singer Dimash Kudaibergen.

“Taking into account his particular popularity among Chinese fans and music lovers from Southeast Asia and some European countries, we conducted a promo tour ‘Dimash Homeland’ with the participation of leaders of fan movements from 10 countries who visited 3 Kazakhstan cities. In total, these movements consist of more than 5 million people. We noticed a great interest of the singer’s fans. Soon in Kazakhstan, Dimash will hold two concerts where his fans are already gathering and as part of the ‘Dimash Homeland’ tour, tourists will be able to visit the cities of Kazakhstan, thereby contributing to the development of domestic tourism,” he said.

According to Kuzembayev, well-known cosmonauts Talgat Musabayev, Anatoly Artsebarsky, Yuri Malenchenko and Yury Baturin will be the next ambassadors. In Soviet times, one of the stages of medical rehabilitation of cosmonauts after space flights took place on Lake Alakol. Therefore, they were invited to the resort area to renew this tradition.

Along with digital marketing, traditional promotion is also underway. In 2018 Kazakh Tourism helped to ensure the participation of Kazakhstan's tourism business representatives in seven international exhibitions in Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong and a number of other cities was ensured.

“We attracted active interest of visitors by showing our ethnic content. Kazakh batyrs are more than two meters tall, musicians, artisans, as well as souvenir sets of asyks were prepared. The ethnic content of the booth, including our batyrs, national cuisine workshops, national music and dance, created a special sensation,” said Kuzembayev.

In addition, as part of the celebration of the capital’s 20th anniversary, expeditions were conducted along six routes covering almost all of Kazakhstan, as well as over 20 mountain peaks. The total coverage of the expedition was about 1.5 million people.

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