06 March, 2019

Rental housing program for low-income large families to be launched in second half of the year

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Chairman of the Committee for Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development Markhabat Zhayymbetov spoke about the ongoing work to provide large families with housing.

According to Zhayymbetov, there are 28 thousand large families waiting for housing in the akimats. For seven years it is planned to build 6 thousand rental apartments annually for such families. Until 2025, more than 40 thousand rental apartments will be built.

“As the Head of State ordered, for 28 thousand in the housing queue, we must build 42 thousand apartments in seven years. For 23 years, 50 billion tenge will be allocated. Approximate cost of apartments will start from 8 million 400 thousand tenge — for 60 m2 with 1 square meter at a price of 140 thousand tenge, the higher prices will be reimbursed by the local budget,” Zhayymbetov said.

The chairman stressed that the issuance of housing will be coordinated by placing different types of large families in a separate queue.

“Mothers of many children are in the queue for civil servants, for people with disabilities, so we have identified 28 thousand in akimats as of Jan. 1, 2019. According to the law, each person must have at least 15 square meters,” he said.

Zhayymbetov said that the program of rental housing for low-income large families will be launched after making changes to the regulations in the second half of the year.

“If an apartment costs 8 million tenge, 800 thousand can be reimbursed through a housing certificate. Two percent for 19 years: a pre-loan will be reimbursed for eight years, this is 42 thousand tenge a month, and then a two-percent housing loan for the next nine years is about 27 thousand. This is affordable enough,” the chairman added.

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