15 March, 2019

Ministry of Agriculture on bread prices: There are no alarm signals about a sharp increase in costs

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At a press conference in the Government, Minister of Agriculture Saparkhan Omarov commented on the probability of fluctuations in the price of bread, reports the press service of PM.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, today in Kazakhstan there are two types of bread, which are priced. The first is bread made from top-grade flour and the second is made from first-grade flour.

“The list of socially significant consumer goods, which is monitored and regulated, does not include all bread, but only wheat bread from flour of the first grade. Today, the price as we see, is in the region of 75–78 tenge per roll. Flour of the highest grade – 134–142 tenge. Today there are no such alarming signals that the price of bread will rise sharply, there is no such thing,” said Omarov.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2015 the decision of the State Commission for the modernization of the economy supported the departure from the regulation of the price of bread. Compared to the price in 2016, the price of social bread in 2019 increased by 6 tenge. The price of grain rises, but it is worth noting that the share of grain in the cost of bread is 50%, the rest is fuel, wages, electricity, administrative and other expenses, the price of which also increased.

But at the same time, akimats of the region are taking measures to prevent a sharp rise in prices for socially important goods. The mechanism of forming regional stabilization funds is actively used, where certain types of goods are purchased for the subsequent supply of the population. Currently, for the formation of stabilization funds there are financial resources in the amount of 3.1 billion tenge, which can be directed by akimats, including the stabilization of the price of bread.

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