03 April, 2019

How exports of domestic agricultural products increased in regions of Kazakhstan

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At the press conference in the Government’s press center, Vice Minister of Agriculture Gulmira Issayeva shared the results of the analysis of the main types of exported products to foreign countries in a regional context.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the bulk of exports of agricultural products fall on wheat and flour. The top group of processed agro-industrial products includes flour, which holds a share of 39.2% in total exports of processed products, vegetable oils — 9%, confectionery — 9%, fish fillets — 4%, and also baby food and dairy products — 2 % In addition, large amounts of cotton fiber — 6% and processed feed (millcake, bran, waste) — 4% are exported.

The main regions for the export of grain are East Kazakhstan, Akmola, Kostanay regions and the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Traditional markets for cereals are Central Asia, Iran, China and Afghanistan.

As Issayeva emphasized, Kostanay, Turkestan, North Kazakhstan, Akmola and Almaty regions most of all export flour to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Oilseeds are exported to Uzbekistan, the European Union, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia from the North Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Akmola regions, and Almaty. Vegetable oil is mainly supplied to the PRC, Russia and Central Asia from Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Turkestan, East Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions.

According to Issayeva, the EAEU is also an important market for Kazakhstan, where 1.2 million tons for $490 million are exported. The Kostanay, East Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Almaty regions and Almaty are the most exported.

In 2019, 919 million tons of agricultural products worth $258 million were exported to the People's Republic of China. East Kazakhstan, Turkestan (together with Shymkent), Kostanay regions and the cities exported most actively to China, Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

To another priority market for Kazakhstan — Iran — 1.8 million tons of Kazakhstani agricultural products worth $329 million are exported. Most of all, they export to Iran, Nur-Sultan and Almaty. This is explained by the fact that the majority of trade, logistics and trading companies are registered in these cities. Their share in exports to Iran is 62.5%. Akmola, East Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions also export a lot.

The market of the Gulf countries is of particular interest for Kazakhstan. Thus, last year 4.5 million tons of Kazakhstani agricultural products were exported to the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait. Zhambyl, Aktobe, Almaty, East Kazakhstan regions and the city of Nur-Sultan made the largest exports.

Kazakhstan supplies 455 thousand tons of agricultural products to Turkey for $113 million. East-Kazakhstan, Akmola, Kostanay regions and the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty most actively export them.

Kazakhstan exports about 900 thousand tons of agricultural products to European countries in the amount of $303 million. Most of them are agricultural products exported from East Kazakhstan, Turkestan, North Kazakhstan regions and Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

“In Central Asia, we are most actively trading with Uzbekistan. Last year, exports of agricultural products totaled 3.9 million tons worth $633 million. At the same time, the share of leaders in exports to Uzbekistan Turkestan, Kostanay, Akmola, East Kazakhstan regions and the city of Almaty is 78.1%,” the vice minister informed.

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