Politics • 22 May, 2019

Nursultan Nazarbayev receives Berdibek Saparbayev

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Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of Kazakhstan - the Leader of the Nation received Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Berdibek Saparbayev, reports the press service of the First President.

During the meeting, Elbasy was informed about the activities of the Governmental Working Group to clarify new social measures “Aleumetіk қamkorlyk”.

The first President of Kazakhstan noted that B. Saparbayev has sufficient experience and managerial skills to solve the tasks assigned to the ministry.

- You have a lot of experience. Worked in important areas. Led in three areas. Showed a good job. Raised indicators of the Aktobe region in many industries. You were assigned to the ministry, as there was a need to tighten this front of work. We needed an experienced person. It is necessary to solve all the questions raised to the end for the benefit of our people, - said Elbasy.

B.Saparbayev told Nursultan Nazarbayev about the work carried out by the Ministry to implement new social measures aimed at improving the living standards of Kazakhstanis. In particular, the Minister provided information on the procedure for calculating targeted social assistance and the steps taken to create new jobs.

The first President of Kazakhstan pointed out the need to ensure appropriate control and systematization of the process of providing assistance to needy categories of the population.

- Now social spending accounts for almost half of state revenues. It is important to systematize all the work. First of all, people should be provided with jobs. Of course, there are those who, due to objective reasons, cannot work. We should help them, said Elbasy.

In addition, B. Saparbayev reported on work to resolve housing issues in the regions and support for people with special needs. The Minister spoke about the measures taken together with entrepreneurs in the framework of the implementation of the principle of social responsibility of business. Berdibek Saparbayev also focused on migration issues and support for large families and oralmans.

In conclusion, Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed the importance of the work carried out by the Ministry and noted the need to effectively address the tasks.

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