22 May, 2019

We accompany novice entrepreneurs at all stages of starting a business — Eldar Zhumagaziyev

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At the press conference in the Government, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Eldar Zhumagaziev spoke about non-financial measures to support Kazakhstani business, the press service of the prime minister of Kazakhstan reports.

According to Zhumagaziyev, non-financial business support is provided currently in 20 Entrepreneurs Service Centers at the regional level and 191 Entrepreneurs Support Centers at the district level. Consulting is provided by 690 specialists in all large cities, single-industry towns and regional centers of the region.

Since June 2018, non-financial support services have also been provided online at the Atameken Services portal. The digital platform allows you to get expert advice, track the stages of the application, to assess the quality of services.

“Since 2015, over 174 thousand entrepreneurs have used free services, of which 19 thousand are remotely online,” informed Zhumagaziyev.

In March 2019, online training under the Business Advisor program was introduced, where a novice entrepreneur can view training videos, take a test and get a certificate. More than 900 entrepreneurs took online training, they successfully passed the tests and received certificates.

“In four years, business support centers have been opened in all regions and single-industry towns of the republic, services are provided without interruption, year-round, a digital platform for providing online services has been introduced. Over the years, more than 46 thousand enterprises were launched, more than 8 thousand enterprises expanded their business, more than 23 thousand entrepreneurs were assisted in financing, 80 companies established business ties with foreign partners,” the deputy chairman of Atameken said.

The Chamber of Entrepreneurs also supports novice businessmen in rural areas, teaches mechanisms for managing and expanding business potential.

“More than 8 thousand people expanded their business, more than 23 thousand projects were accompanied. Everyone understands that there is no enough competence in the village. To help people start a business, we accompany them to the akimat, find land, help find financial instruments. If he came up with some idea, then we help to realize it in a business plan. We have a marketing plan for each district, village. We see how relevant the project is in this village. Before getting a business start-up, we accompany a novice businessman,” explained Zhumagaziyev.

Atameken tries to help the beginning entrepreneur in the countryside to “keep afloat” and develop their business.

“During the year we look at whether they pay taxes, what difficulties they encounter. We want to take another level. A year later, the business works well — it needs to grow. In this regard, we are now closely discussing with the Minitry of National Economy some other tools that will help it. So, we have to cultivate businessmen,” he added.

It is worth noting that the Business Road Map 2020 program includes four areas: support for business initiatives, industry support, reduction of currency risks and non-financial support measures.

Atameken since 2015 is an operator in the fourth direction and implements it for service support, information support business in single-industry towns, small towns and regional centers, runs projects Business School, Business Connections, Senior Seniors, Business Nasihat.

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