Politics • 03 June, 2019

Charter to fight corruption signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and the Agency of Kazakhstan on Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption (ARKCSAA) have signed the Charter of the “Adaldyk Alany” project (Regions free of corruption). The document was signed by the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nurlan Seitimov, and the Vice-Chairman of the ARKCSAA, Olzhas Bektenov, reports the press service of MFA.

The Charter emphasizes that thanks to the political will of First President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan is implementing a fundamentally new model of countering corruption. This process is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy, the “100 concrete steps” Plan of the Nation, as well as the initiatives of the President. In recent years, more than 60 laws have been passed, aimed at minimizing corruption, including the laws “On Countering Corruption”, “On Public Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “On Public Councils”, and “On Access to Information”.

As a result of systematic and comprehensive measures, household corruption, administrative barriers and corruption risks have reduced, the quality of public services has improved through the introduction of standards and regulations for their provision, a transition to a transparent state accountable to the society has ensured, a constructive partnership and open dialogue have been established with the non-government sector, modern and effective laws have been adopted, and legal awareness and anti-corruption culture of the population has improved.

The offices of “Adaldyk Alany” are operating in all regions of the country. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry became the first central government agency to express readiness and open the organization's office in the Ministry's building. The main activities of “Adaldyk Alany” at the Foreign Ministry will cover consular services, government procurement and investment protection.

The mission of the “Adaldyk Alany” Project is to eradicate everyday corruption at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and to increase citizens' trust in government institutions.

The main directions of the project are:

1) Comfortable environment (quality provision of public services);

2) Personal responsibility;

3) Openness and public control;

4) State procurements;

5) Anti-corruption culture.

According to the Charter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will implement practical project activities in 2019-2020.

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