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Kazakhstan marks the Day of the state symbols

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The State symbols of independent Kazakhstan were first approved in 1992. On June 4, 2007, the Constitutional Law “On State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was adopted.

The national flag of blue color with a golden sun, a soaring silhouette of an eagle and a vertical national ornament at the flagpole, the emblem with shanyrak in the center, symbolizing the vault of the house of the multinational people of Kazakhstan and the anthem, which since January 2006 has been the song “My Kazakhstan", allows to identify our country in the world family of 252 countries existing on our earth.

It should be noted that not all countries have statehood, a state border and state symbols. These are achievements that the people of Kazakhstan can be justly proud of.

An interesting fact is that the acquisition of Independence and the very idea of developing state symbols inspired many talented artists, poets, and composers to get involved in the creative process.

In 1992, the working group for preparing new state symbols was created by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan, which included prominent figures as Salyk Zimanov, Erbol Shaimerdenov and others. Special commission had received about 1200 applications with creative designs of the State Flag sketches, 245 projects of image and 67 descriptions of the future State Emblem and 750 variants of the National Anthem . More than 600 people took part in the competition.

A special contribution to the process of adopting national symbols was made by the First President of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev. He gave a new formulation of the words of the National anthem that meets the modern ideals and aspirations of the nation. The official terms “Yeltanba", “Anuran", “Nyshan/, Rumiz" were introduced by N.Nazarbayev's initiative. These innovations allowed him along with famous composer Shamshi Kaldayakov and the author of the words Jumeken Najmedenov to join the author team of the Anthem.

The Commission also named the best authors of the State flag of Kazakhstan – famous artist Shaken Niyazbekov and the national Coat of arms - famous architects Zhandarbek Malibekov and Shota Valikhanov.

Since then, the state symbols of Kazakhstan have become signs of successful development of Kazakhstan. The flag of Kazakhstan flies in front of the UN Headquarters in New York, where the main bodies of this world-renowned Organization are located, including the Security Council, where Kazakhstan was a non-permanent member in 2017-2018.

Flag of Kazakhstan flies at the headquarters and secretariats of the leading regional and global organizations that form the modern agenda of international life. Among them are the OSCE, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Organization of Islamic Conference, The Collective Security Treaty Organization, CIS, and Eurasian Economic Commission and many others.

The flag and anthem of Kazakhstan were repeatedly raised and played in honor of the sports victories of Kazakhstan's athletes in the Olympic games, world and continental championships. Our flag has also been on board spaceships as part of the international expeditions with Kazakh cosmonauts. Members of the national ski expedition set the National flag at the North pole – in the Arctic, while climbers – on the highest peaks of the world: Ojos del Salado in South America, the peak of "McKinley" in North America, mount Mont Blanc in Western Europe, the peak of "Lenin" in the Pamirs, Everest and Karakorum Chogori in Asia.

In 1995, to the 150th anniversary of Abai, the National flag was hoisted by Nursultan Nazarbayev at the peak of the Zailiyskiy Alatau ridge - "Abai".

Happy State symbols Day of Kazakhstan. We wish our country prosperity and its people happiness, health and every success!

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