Society • 27 August, 2019

Nazarbayev receives a collective letter from the miners of Kazakhstan

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In the letter the country's miners thanked the First President of Kazakhstan for congratulating them on professional holiday and paying attention to the development of the entire mining industry.

"Dear Elbasy!

We are sincerely grateful to You for the warm words of congratulations on our professional holiday.

It is gratifying that You always pay special attention to the development of the mining industry in our country.

All miners of Kazakhstan fully support Your initiatives aimed at improving the welfare and quality of life of the people. We, the people of labor, will always stand a mountain for You - our Leader and our Homeland - Kazakhstan.

We value what our Motherland has achieved during the years of independence under Your wise leadership. All conditions are created in Kazakhstan: we have good roads, housing for young people is being built, our children have the opportunity to study in the best universities of the country and the world, medicine is developing. And most importantly people have the opportunity to work and earn.

Despite difficult times, we have always remained loyal to You and the country. We believed that you, Nursultan Abishuly, will lead Kazakhstan to unprecedented heights. And today we are grateful for Your hard work.

You know, You are our Leader, our Elbasy! We will always follow You for the benefit of a peace and stability in our native land!",- the telegram says.

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