Kazakhstan • 09 September, 2019

Kazakh peacekeepers receive UN medals

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Soldiers of the second Kazakhstan peacekeeping troop, who are in Lebanon, have received UN medals "In the service of peace", press service of 

The personnel of the consolidated company were awarded by the chief of the UN Interim force.

During the period of the mission, our  servicemen secured the status of "professional peacekeepers". The second peacekeeping company was sent to participate in the mission "United Nations Interim force in Lebanon" to replace the first, for a period of six months. In accordance with the agreement on mutual understanding between the Government of Kazakhstan and India "On the order of deployment of Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping contingent as part of the Indian battalion". 


In November 2019, the servicemen will return home and they will be replaced by a third peacekeeping troop.

Previously, Kazakh soldiers were sent only as observers. In General, Kazakhstan is a supporter and active participant in initiatives to strengthen peace and security. The development of peacekeeping potential is one of the important tasks of the further development of the Armed forces of Kazakhstan.

To recall, on September 1, the Israeli army launched a retaliatory missile strike on the territory of Lebanon and for this reason UN units which includes the second peacekeeping company of Kazakhstan were brought into full combat readiness to perform tasks in accordance with obligations.


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