13 September, 2019

Kazakhstan has gained momentum in business

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 At an open joint meeting of the chambers of parliament, Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev for the first time delivered a message to the people of Kazakhstan. 

The head of state spoke about the mechanisms for creating a powerful influential state, the security of citizens, protecting their rights, a rapidly developing and inclusive economy, as well as a new stage of social modernization, vulnerable areas and priorities that should be realized in the future. 

At the same time, the president paid particular attention to business.  According Tokayev, small, especially micro-business plays an important role in the socio-economic and political life of the country, as it provides rural residents with stable work and reduces unemployment.  In addition, he will create a tax base and strengthen local budgets.  That is, the development of entrepreneurship helps to get rid of paternalistic intentions.  “Therefore, the state will continue to support business,” Tokayev said.

 Today, small business is the most effective way to develop the country's economy and improve the living conditions of residents.  Recently, the number of people who began to develop small business in Kazakhstan has increased.  In this regard, the head of state instructed the government to develop a legislative framework for exempting micro and small business companies from paying income tax for a period of three years.  Corresponding amendments to the legislation should enter into force from 2020.

 “From January 2020, my decision on a three-year ban on inspections of micro and small business entities will come into force.  We believe in the integrity and law-abidingness of our business, which should be responsible to consumers and citizens.  During the moratorium, it is necessary to activate the tools of self-regulation and public control.  In cases of violation by business entities of the prescribed norms and rules, especially in the sanitary-epidemiological sphere, such companies will be closed, and their owners will be held accountable,” the president said.

 250 billion tenge will be allocated from the budget for the development of small business over the next three years under the project “Business Roadmap.

 “Soon, new forms of business support will be actively introduced in the country, with emphasis on social aspects, that is, the creation of family businesses, primarily for large and low-income families.  The development of tourism in Kazakhstan, especially eco and national tourism is an important factor in the economy.  The 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde should be noted in terms of attracting the attention of tourists to our history, culture, nature.  For the development of tourism, it is important to ensure the construction of the necessary infrastructure, especially roads, as well as to train qualified specialists, ”Tokaev said.

 Medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan will not be left without support.  As part of the state program of industrial and innovative development, special attention will be paid to high-performance medium-sized businesses, including tax, financial, and administrative stimulation.  Also in his message, the head of state noted that it is necessary to seriously intensify efforts to attract foreign direct investment, without which reserves for further economic growth will be limited.  “This is one of the priorities of the executive branch,” Tokayev said.

 Sometimes small, medium-sized enterprises that are on the path of development either encounter difficulties or experience financial difficulties and a crisis.  There are other factors that influence this.  Now, small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan will be protected legally.  Any attempt to impede the development of business, especially small and medium, will be considered a crime against the state.  This was noted by the president himself.

 “In this regard, additional legislative measures are needed.  The parliament and government should propose a solution to this problem, ”Tokayev said in his message.

 The fight against the shadow economy will continue and capital outflow, tax evasion will be controlled.

 The core of the development of any state and a reliable driver of the economy is business.  If the country successfully develops entrepreneurship and receives support from the state, meets the needs of the population, it is obvious that the social welfare in the country and the quality of life improves.  In this regard, Kazakhstan is firmly committed to business.  In subsequent years, the state will actively support business and private entrepreneurship.  This will be great support for the general public.


Oralbek BOTBAI,

Professor, Honorary Consul of Vietnam in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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