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Three stages of selection to Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve completed

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Today at a briefing in the press center of the Government, Chair of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs Anar Zhailganova explained the main aspects of the selection for the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve, reports.

The first President – Elbasy declared 2019 the Year of Youth.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his pre-election campaign said that the civil service should be changed, modernized, young people with high level competence and knowledge of modern trends should be attracted to the civil service.

As part of youth support, the president initiated the selection of the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve for the first time in the country.

According to Zhailganova, currently all selection procedures are mandatory in accordance with the Rules for the formation of the reserve, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The selection of potential reservists consists of 6 stages:

  1. Registration of participants and submission of documents;
  2. Candidate testing;
  3. Test results verification;
  4. Assessment of potential (essay, assessment of competencies, presentation of projects);
  5. Interview of participants in the Expert Commission;
  6. Consideration of candidates by the National Commission for Personnel Reserves.

“13,212 people passed the initial registration to participate in the selection. 7,312 of them registered. Among the candidates, 46 are outside of Kazakhstan. Most of them are in Russia — 10 people, the USA — 4, Great Britain — 3 and Turkey — 3,” she said.

At the moment, the initial three stages have been completed — acceptance of participants' documents, testing of candidates and verification of testing.

The Ability Testing stage was completed Oct. 12, 2012. The test aimed at determining the ability of applicants to work with complex information and consisted of two blocks — verbal and numerical. He allowed to determine the level of their analytical and critical thinking, logic.

In the testing of abilities, 5,745 candidates participated. The calculation of the results of this stage took place in an automated mode. The results were available in the virtual personal accounts of participants on the site immediately after the completion of the testing by candidates. A little later, after processing the results, the overall rating with scores was published on the Agency’s website and

The National Commission has determined the maximum number of candidates admitted to the subsequent stages of selection to the reserve.

So, no more than 1000 people are allowed to test verification.

  • at the next stage, Assessment of Potential — no more than 600 people;
  • for an interview in the Expert Commission — no more than 400 people;
  • for a meeting of the National Commission — no more than 330 people.

Thus, based on the established requirements, 902 candidates admitted for testing verification are determined by a simple ranking in descending order.

Currently, according to the results of verification testing, 549 participants have successfully passed to the next stage of selection — Assessment of Potential.

“I note that for transparency, information about the participants in the selection is available to citizens. After each stage of selection, we publish a list of those who passed to the next stage. So, the general rating with the number of people admitted to the Assessment of Potential is available on the online platform and on the website of our Agency,” Zhailganova emphasized.

The next stage of the selection will be held from Oct. 22 to Nov. 3, 2019. This stage includes three components: essay writing, project presentation, competency assessment. Essay writing and project presentation are also carried out online in the automated system using video and audio fixation.

Each stage of the selection will be evaluated by experts in the relevant areas of activity. The pool of experts for the evaluation of essays and personal design work is currently defined and consists of representatives of the academic environment, civil servants and representatives of professional public associations and research institutions.

Each essay and project work of the candidate will be evaluated simultaneously by three experts online. The final grade is formed from the average value of expert ratings.

As for the assessment of competence, certified appraisers who have undergone special training will be involved in its implementation. Also, to improve the quality of the competency assessment procedure, professional supervisors will be assigned to evaluators.

In general, it is planned to complete the stage of assessing the potential of candidates on Nov. 20.

The candidates will be interviewed by the Expert Commission from Nov. 27 to Dec. 13, 2019. At this stage, no more than 400 people will be allowed to demonstrate the best results in terms of the totality of points in the previous stages of selection.

Based on the results of the meeting of the Expert Commission, a list is formed consisting of no more than 330 of the best participants, which are recommended for consideration by the National Commission. The final decision on admission to the reserve will be made by the National Commission.

“In order for each candidate to be able to constantly monitor his performance, we provided the opportunity for participants to monitor their rating in their personal account on the website,” said Zhailganova.

Starting from the verification stage, for each subsequent stage there is a certain percentage of the maximum possible value of 100%. So, verification accounts for 10%, presentation of the project — 9%, essays — 15%, assessment of competencies — 36%, interviews — 30%.

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