Kazakhstan • 14 November, 2019

Educational program for Afghan women presented in Brussels

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The launch ceremony of the European Union's joint educational programme to train Afghan women in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was held in the Berlemont building, the Central headquarters of the European Commission, press service of Ministry of Foreign affairs reports.

The tripartite education programme of the EU, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan should contribute to this goal by supporting the empowerment of Afghan women.

As part of this initiative, it is planned to train 40 students from Afghanistan in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan until 2025. Training will be provided in such specialties as agriculture, applied statistics and mining. Another 10 girls will study agriculture in Uzbekistan.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Abdulaziz Kamilov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, senior representatives from the European External Action Service and the United Nations Development Programme, Mr Luc Devigne, Mme. Agi Veres and Mr. Yakup Beris, the UN Women’s representative, Mme. Dagmar Shumacher and Ambassador of Afghanistan Mr. Nazifullah Salarzai. 

"Less than a month ago, in Almaty we welcomed the first group of 30 Afghan women who arrived as part of the Trilateral Cooperation Programme between the EU, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on the economic empowerment of the Afghan women, supported by and implemented by the UNDP on behalf of the EU. I had the opportunity to talk to a good number of the newly minted students, some of whom were able to come to our country with their children. During my brief but very informative conversations, I learned that most of them are very pleased with the unique opportunity to enhance their academic background and improve their competitive advantage. They are all pursuing one dream – peace, well-being and prosperity for their families and their country, Afghanistan, and the programme is a great help in achieving that dream", Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Roman Vassilenko said at his welcoming speech.



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