President • 27 November, 2019

Kazakh President meets heads of foreign diplomatic missions

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President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with heads of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Kazakhstan, press service of Akorda reports. 

"The unprecedented evolution of global and regional processes requires us to respond adequately to newly emerging realities and find effective ways for further social and economic development of our nation. I have set out the scope of this work in my election platform and Annual Address to the people of Kazakhstan", said the President.

He also outlined the key points of my program of action during the presidency.

"Kazakhstan’s democratic development has become irreversible. We will consistently implement a well-balanced, gradual political modernization bearing in mind stability and safety of our country. Our priorities are based on the standards of leading OECD countries. Hence, the government takes bold and solid steps towards these goals. The basic guideline for the state system of Kazakhstan is the following: "strong President - influential Parliament - accountable Government". At the same time, the state stability should rest on constructive relations between citizens and government institutions", pointed out Kazakh President.

He highlighted that further development of public dialogue is high on our agenda.

"As you know, the National Council of Public Trust has been established this summer. This Council is a vehicle that facilitates the process of building a “Listening state”. In other words, we ensure that government efficiently responds to the vital needs of our citizens. As the Head of state, I remain committed to developing political parties to support and encourage pluralism of views in our society. Our citizens should fully exercise their right to freedom of expression. Therefore, legislative norms regulating peaceful rallies are currently being revised. Public feedback mechanisms at all levels are being stimulated - from the Presidential Administration to rural governors (akims). The work of akims will ultimately be assessed by the local population", noted K.Tokayev.


"Today, diplomacy is the main instrument we employ to manage foreign relations, reduce risks and utilize opportunities to advance our security and well-being. Current generation of diplomats have a crucial role to play in this noble cause. In this regard, I look forward to continuing constructive dialogue with heads of state and government you represent here in Kazakhstan, to promote our common interests and to do what is best for our respective countries and for the world. We do hope to see good, close international relations also between other actors in politics, civil society and business", concluded the Head of state. 

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