Ecology • 28 November, 2019

All old cars and 95% of batteries are recycled in Kazakhstan

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In Kazakhstan all old cars and 95% of batteries are recycled. This was announced by General Director of LLP "Оperator ROP" Medet Kumargaliyev at the Government hour in the Senate of the Parliament. 

"In accordance with the Concept of transition to a "green economy" by 2030, it is necessary to achieve at least 40% of the level of waste recycling. At the time of implementation of the ROP, the recycling rate was 2.7%. After the introduction of the ROP ("principle of extended obligations of producers (importers)") it became 13.2%. In 2018, the Address of the first President-Elbasy instructed to take measures for modern utilization and processing of solid waste with the broad involvement of SMEs. Before the introduction of ROP, 115 SMEs worked in the waste processing industry, today there are 171 of them. In Kazakhstan, the principle of ROP was introduced in 2016. Since 2016, the ROP is valid for cars, tires, oils, batteries. There is a zero rate for packaging. The authorized body is currently working on the approval of the fee rate," M.Kumargaliyev said.

According to him, during the 3.5 years of operation of the ROP mechanism, the volume of received funds from utilization fee amounted to 220 billion 816 million tenge. Spending was carried out in the following areas: stimulation of the automotive industry-about 75 billion tenge; organization of collection, processing and disposal of decommissioned vehicles 36.5 billion tenge; collection and recycling of automotive components and solid waste – 11.475 billion tenge; tax deductions - 20 billion tenge. Funds are spent in strict accordance with the current legislation and the Environmental code.

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