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Reception of documents for state welfare by large families in 2020 starts

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From January 1, 2020, all large families of the country with 4 or more children will receive state benefits regardless of their income. The reception of documents has started in the capital's departments of the PSC, the support center of the family Institute "Zhanuya" and other points of the city. 

The state allowance is planned to be paid to all large families with 4 or more minor children or full-time students under the age of 23, regardless of their income. Its sum will depend on the number of children. Families with 4 children will receive 42 496 tenge, with 5 children - 53 127 tenge, with 6 children - 63 757 tenge, with 7 and more children - 74 388 tenge.

Since November 27, 2019, offices of the population service centers in Nur-Sultan is already receiving citizens.

Acceptance of documents will be carried out throughout December and will continue in January 2020. 

A prerequisite for obtaining state benefits is cohabitation of all family members and residence at the same address. Otherwise, they will be limited in the right to a new benefit. Therefore, these families should come to the departments of the PSC and register children with a potential recipient at the same address.

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