Society • 24 December, 2019

A student from Somalia detained at the capital's airport with someone else's passport

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A citizen of the Republic of Somalia, who tried to cross the state border of Kazakhstan, presenting a passport of a citizen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was identified at the international airport Nursultan Nazarbayev during border control. 

The attention of the border patrol was caused by the dissimilarity of facial features of a citizen of the Republic of Somalia with a photo in the passport, after the document was studied in more depth, it turned out that the passport really does not belong to the bearer.

During additional check and establishment of the true motive of attempt of illegal crossing of the state border it is established that it is the student of one of educational institution of our country.

He arrived in Kazakhstan in October, but due to the fact that his Kazakhstan visa was expired, he decided to use the passport of his friend, who is also a student. A citizen of the Republic of Somalia is planned to be brought to administrative responsibility.

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