Society • 27 December, 2019

Almaty residents lined up to donate blood for victims of the crash

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Residents of Almaty responded to the call to donate blood for victims of the crash of the Bek Air plane.

Residents of Almaty are lined up in queue to donate blood. All of them came to help the injured passengers in the crash. As previously reported in the mayor's office of Almaty, residents were called to donate blood for the victims of the crash.

Today the Board of the Bek Air airline, following flight 2100 Almaty-Nur-Sultan, having taken off according to the plan at 7:05, disappeared from radars. There were 95 passengers and 5 crew members on Board.

The Fokker-100 plane in the direction of Almaty-Nur-Sultan lost altitude during takeoff and broke through the concrete fence. There was a collision with a two-story building.

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