Kazakhstan • 30 December, 2019

How does the tourist police work in Nur-Sultan?

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Tourist police stations operate in the capital in places most frequently visited by foreign tourists, press service of the police department reports.

This division started its activities in April 2019. The tourist police is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of foreign citizens during their stay in the capital of Kazakhstan.

During this period, about 5 thousand requests were received. Tourists are most often interested in navigation issues: how to get from one point to another, where to stay, where are the main attractions of the city, how to get to the migration police, and many others.

The main tasks of the tourist police are to advise and inform tourists and visitors of the country on issues of interest to them and to ensure their safety. For example, one of the modules of the tourist police operates at the monument "Baiterek" which has become a favorite place not only for residents of the city and the republic, but also for foreign guests. The staff of the tourist police speak foreign languages and are ready to help foreign guests. They can also address not only guests from abroad, but also residents of the city and guests from all regions.

Inspector of tourist police of the Nur-Sultan police department Yerkebulan Zhumabayev, senior Lieutenant of the police is fluent in English. There was a case, recalls Erkebulan, when he was approached by a resident of German who on a day off could not get the necessary medical care in the hospital. There was a language barrier. Erkebulan, a member of the tourist police, accompanied the guest to the hospital, where he was treated.

It should be noted that the police of this unit, in addition to providing assistance to tourists, carry out crime prevention, provide information services, assist in solving problems at tourist sites. The number of tourist police modules will only grow in the future. Preference will be given to places that are popular with foreign visitors. Thanks to the support of the city akimat, the tourist police modules and personnel are provided with all necessary material and technical equipment. 

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