Kazakhstan • 15 January, 2020

19.4 million tons of transit cargo were transported through Kazakhstan in 2019

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Kazakhstan's transit potential is growing from year to year. Thus, at the end of last year, the volume of transit cargo transported through Kazakhstan amounted to 19.4 million tons. Including the volume of transit traffic by rail amounted to 17.5 million tons. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, the main destination countries are the Central Asian countries – 75.6% or 11.5 million tons. In particular, Uzbekistan – 7.1 million tons, Kyrgyzstan-2.26 million tons, Tajikistan-1.2 million tons and Afghanistan-0.26 million tons, while Russia accounts for 2.8%, China-13.8% and the EU - 7.1%.
As for the products transported by railway transport, the first place with 18.5% is occupied by oil. Then there are ferrous metals-10.7%, chemicals and soda-6.8%, chemical and mineral fertilizers-2.2%, grain-1.7%, and other goods-55.6%.

The volume of transit traffic by road was 1.93 million tons. The main directions of road transport were  from China to the countries of the European Union – 14 thousand tons, to the countries of Central Asia-779 thousand tons, and to Russia-61.7 thousand tons of cargo. From Central Asian countries to the European Union 106.5 thousand tons, to Russia 396 thousand tons, to China 5.4 thousand tons. 9.7 thousand tons of cargo were delivered from Russia to Central Asia, 567 thousand tons from the European Union to Central Asia, and 2.7 thousand tons of cargo to China.

Vehicles mainly used to transport machines, various machines, equipment. Including electronic equipment-20.1%, plant products-17.3%, consumer goods-15%, raw materials, fabrics, textile materials and products from them-11.5%, and other – 8.6%.

Also, by the end of 2019, the total volume of transit transport of containers through the territory of Kazakhstan increased by 23% and amounted to 664 thousand containers. Of these, the number of containers in the direction of China-Europe-China increased by 11% and amounted to 347 thousand containers.

Thus, Kazakhstan in 2019 earned more than 450 billion tenge on transit transport.

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