Region • 23 January, 2020

All city services are working in full power – akim Nur-Sultan

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At the meeting regarding the deterioration of weather conditions and measures taken in the capital, the mayor of Nur-Sultan Altay Kulginov announced the transition to an enhanced mode of operation, and also gave a number of instructions to state agencies, press service of the akim reports.

"First, the Department of emergency situations and the police Department, all utilities are switching to the enhanced mode of duty. This means that we work 24 hours. The 101,102,103 services must be running in the same mode. Now a lot of requests are sent to the contact center iKOMEK 109. First of all, all heads of departments and akims of districts need to work on these services," Altay Kulginov said.

In particular, the head of the city gave a number of specific instructions to the akims of the districts.

"I instruct the district governors to organize the work of the territory entrusted to you for cleaning and removing snow, and especially work with private organizations, with those enterprises that are legally obliged to clean the surrounding territories. Also, organize the work of the KSK in order to avoid congestion in the yards. Often, we first clean main roads, social facilities, large shopping and entertainment centers, administrative buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc., but inside the yards – this is the work of the KSK. There is already a specific responsibility of the district akims, where you need to connect district police officers," Kulginov said.

In addition, the mayor instructed his Deputy Altynbek Kaisagaliyev to organize work on attracting equipment from private companies. 

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