Kazakhstan • 28 January, 2020

Visa-free transit stay for Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan is suspended

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It was reported by first Deputy foreign Minister Shakhrat Nuryshev at press conference at Kazakh Govt house. He also told about Kazakh citizens who are currently on the territory of the people's Republic of China.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, currently, there are 98 students from Kazakhstan in Wuhan. The Embassy of Kazakhstan in China keeps in direct contact with students.

According to him, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in China and the Consulate General have now strengthened the requirements for issuing visas for Chinese citizens in terms of requesting health certificates.

"The Government's decision temporarily suspended the regime of 72-hour visa-free transit stay of Chinese citizens on the territory of Kazakhstan. Currently, it has been decided to suspend the processing of electronic visas on arrival at the airport for Chinese citizens," the First Deputy Minister said.

There are 1300 Kazakh citizens on the territory of China. 635 of them are tourists in Hainan province. 204 are the staff of the Embassy, the Consulate General and their families, as well as 445 citizens of Kazakhstan who are now on the territory of China.

Chief state sanitary doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin, in turn, recommended that Kazakhstanis wear masks in cases of contact with possibly infected people and in crowded places. There is no need to wear a mask on the street.

"In an open environment, the virus does not survive. Most importantly, it can only live one day. The optimal temperature for spreading the virus is 36-37 degrees, meaning that the virus survives only in human and animal organisms. Therefore, there is little likelihood that the virus will spread through the transportation of food or parcels. Goods that are brought from China by rail or by road, go about 2-3 days, it means that virus does not survive. Another recommendation is to wash any food products properly or undergo heat treatment. And raw vegetables and fruits should be washed with running water and rinsed in hot water," Zh. Bekshin said.

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