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Military History Museum searches for missing Kazakh soldiers in the war

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The search and expedition department of the Military History Museum of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan conducts search and archive works of Kazakhstani soldiers who went missing and died during the Great Patriotic war, Ministry of Defence reports.

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war. For many years, information about the exact location of the military graves of ancestors remained inaccessible to most Kazakh families, and more than 100 thousand Kazakh soldiers are still listed as dead or missing.

For search work, databases of dead and missing persons from the CIS and far abroad countries, Internet resources and access to previously closed sources, including foreign archives and declassified reports on irretrievable losses of the Red army in 1941-1945 are used during the process.

Besides, joint work is being carried out with regional historical and local history museums, archives, research scientists, archivists, search engines, the public Association "Atamnyn Amanaty" and local military authorities.

As of January 2020, the Military History Museum received 556 applications from war participants relatives. Information on the location of primary burials was established for 48 applications. 38 of them are located on the territory of the Russian Federation, 4 in Hungary, 2 in Latvia, 2 in Germany, 1in Poland, 1 in Belarus.

The Department plans to improve the search work and memorialize the returned names by organizing trips to burial sites in the CIS and Europe, giving military honours and performing the last military ritual for those who once won a Great Victory for us.

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