Society • 30 January, 2020

Kazakh Chief sanitary doctor clarifies rumours over the virus

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Chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan, Jandarbek Bekshin commented on the supply of protective masks, the spread of rumors over the virus, the monitoring of foreigners.


Jandarbek Bekshin called on representatives of 5 Kazakhstani enterprises to join the production of conventional medical masks in addition to the previous report on 2.5 million conventional masks and 1.3 million respiratory, disposable and professional suits.

The speaker once again clarified that the monitoring of citizens arriving from China concerns only those who entered the territory of Kazakhstan after January 6. During this period, 12,610 people arrived in Kazakhstan (including 12,365 Kazakhs and 245 foreigners). Half of the arrivals have already been contacted. Work continues on registering all those who entered from China from January 6.

Seasonal diseases were detected in 27 of them. At the moment, 35 people are accommodated in separate isolated boxes. SARS is diagnosed in 22 people, another 4 have the flu, one has the flu and parainfluenza at the same time. For additional control, samples will be sent to the national Research Center for particularly dangerous infections. The center is able to perform PCR diagnostics of a new coronavirus. In addition to our own resources, we constantly maintain contacts with WHO and Russian agencies.

Rumours about a patient from Kyzylorda are not true. The person was admitted to the hospital with a fever and a headache. The examination showed that the patient was overcooled while in the railcar. Given that the patient returned from Hainan island, he is placed in a separate box. The patient's condition is normal and diagnosis is being made. The case in Zhambyl region is also under control. The patient was diagnosed with ARVI, his condition is assessed as satisfactory, and his temperature is normal. Medical check of the patient in Almaty showed that his condition is normal. 

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