Society • 30 January, 2020

80K families applied for social assistance in Kazakhstan

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As of January 28, 2020, applications for targeted social assistance were accepted from 80.5 thousand families, which include 412.9 thousand people, including 265.6 thousand children. The share of large families was 40.5 % or 32.6 thousand families, Labor and social protection Ministry reports.

By region, the largest number of applications were accepted in the Turkestan region – 14.2 thousand families or 17.6%, Shymkent – 11.1 thousand families or 13.8%, Almaty-9.6 thousand families or 11.9%, Zhambyl – 6.9 thousand families or 8.7%, Kyzylorda region – 5.9 thousand families or 7.4%.

There are more than 2.6 thousand precinct commissions in the regions. Taking into account the results of their surveys, the social assistance has already appointed 21.2 thousand families or 103.8 thousand people, of which 38.4% are large families. 

Since January 1 Kazakhstan has introduced a new state support for large families with 4 or more minor children or full-time students under the age of 23. This state benefit is paid regardless of family income, in amount from 42,496 tenge to 74,388 tenge. This payment in January this year was received by 367 thousand families for a total of 17.7 billion tenge.

Targeted social assistance is provided to low-income families. The main criterion for the appointment of TSA – the average per capita income for each family member must be below 70% of the regional subsistence minimum. The size of the TSA for all family members is defined as the difference between the average per capita income and the poverty line. To ensure transparency, the TSA will be appointed quarterly, and the period for conducting a survey of the family's financial situation will be increased from 3 to 7 days. One of the important requirements for the appointment of TSA is the mandatory participation of able-bodied family members in measures to promote employment. To ensure employment, new mechanisms are provided within the framework of the state program "Enbek", providing large and low-income families with a wide range of opportunities both for working at home and for starting their own business.

In addition, children from low-income families receiving TSA will be provided with a guaranteed social package. For children aged 1 to 6 years, the social package includes a grocery set and a set of household chemicals. Children aged 6 to 18 are provided with hot meals in schools, school supplies and school clothing. Also, this category of children will be reimbursed for travel expenses to school. Medical care, including dental care, will be provided to children under 18 years of age within the guaranteed scope of free medical care and compulsory social health insurance.

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