Economy • 18 February, 2020

Kazakh Agriculture Ministry restricts poultry meat import from Ukraine

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Kazakhstan has banned the import of poultry products from the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine.

The Committee of veterinary control and supervision Ministry of Agriculture informs that temporary restrictions were introduced on 27 January 2020 based on official notification to the OIE of an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza on the territory of the Vinnytsia region, Ukraine.

Temporary restrictions are also imposed on the transit live poultry, poultry meat and all types of poultry products, as well as incubation eggs, down and feathers that have not been heat-treated (at least 70°C), feed and feed additives for birds (except for feed additives of chemical and microbiological synthesis), hunting trophies that have not been taxidermically processed (feathered game), used equipment for keeping, slaughtering and cutting birds through the Vinnytsia region.

President of the Union of poultry farmers of Kazakhstan Ruslan Sharipov noted that "this measure contributes to the protection of the territory from the spread of dangerous bird diseases, thus, the Kazakh poultry population remains safe."

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus have also imposed temporary restrictions in connection with the outbreak of avian influenza.

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