President • 10 March, 2020

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev receives akim of Nur-Sultan Altai Kulginov

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The President of Kazakhstan heard the Mayor’s report on the socio-economic development of the capital and the implementation of his instructions given at the meeting on Nur Sultan’s development, Akorda reports.

According to Altai Kulginov, in 2019, the construction of 10 problem houses was completed, in which 2,500 shareholders had invested. This year, it is planned to complete the construction of 20 new houses, which would solve the problems of about 7,000 shareholders.

President Tokayev stressed that it is necessary to keep special control over issues related to shareholders, as well as pay attention to the development and improvement of residential areas, and the creation of appropriate infrastructure.

The Head of State instructed to take concrete measures to solve social issues that concern citizens, increase the volume of construction of affordable housing and the number of apartments allocated to waiting lists from among the socially vulnerable segments of the population, as well as to attract investment and support small and medium-sized businesses.

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