Coronavirus • 16 April, 2020

Almaty: 23 new cases, 1 death registered

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There were 23 new cases registered in Almaty today. 1 of the patients is a health care worker and 22 people were contacted with previously confirmed cases.

One patient who was confirmed to have a coronavirus infection died yesterday. A 60-year-old citizen was treated since April 8 in the Central city clinical hospital. The patient's health condition worsened due to cardiopulmonary failure, cachexia (exhaustion of the body). Tests were taken and the result was positive.

Currently, 330 patients are being treated in infectious hospitals with COVID-19, including a woman from the Almaty region.

There are 368 citizens in the provision hospitals, including 7 children, 426 in quarantine isolation, and 7288 in-home quarantine.

A total of 393 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were registered, including 6 children and 4 pregnant women.

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