Bakytzhan Sagintayev gets acquainted with quality of education system in Oskemen

Visiting the East Kazakhstan region with a working visit, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev familiarized himself with the quality of educational services provided by the example of secondary school No. 46 of Ust-Kamenogorsk, as well as with plans to improve the quality of education, taking into account the tasks set in the President’s Address, reports

Егемен Қазақстан
11.10.2018 183

Bakytzhan Sagintayev examined the technical equipment of the offices of physics, biology and chemistry. In IT classes he got acquainted with the developments of schoolchildren, including projects on robotics and automation of technical systems.

As the director of secondary school No. 46 G. Auganbayeva reported, the cabinets of the new modification are equipped with an interactive touch panel, microscopes, special devices for chemical experiments, biology works, etc. The Software for a set of computer measuring sensors and their registration are also installed in the physics classroom data sets for electrostatics, radio engineering, multimedia manuals and reference and instructional wall tables. The IT class, in addition to the necessary computer equipment, is equipped with a Robotis Mini robot, a set of fields for a robot competition, an Arduino Smart Greenhouse educational set, a 3D-Printer Tarantula, and other equipment. The use of technology in the educational process makes it possible to train skilled personnel for the digital economy.

In the Address “Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Incomes and Quality of Life,” the Head of State noted that “the system and methods of teaching of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools should become the single standard for public schools. This will be the final stage in the reform of school education.”

According to the akimat of the East Kazakhstan region, today 277 complete secondary schools are being equipped with rooms of new modification and robotics according to the standards of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. Since September 1, 277 IT classes have been opened in all complete secondary schools.

In turn, deputy akim of the region A. Nussupova reported on measures taken to improve the quality of education, taking into account the tasks set by the Head of State. Thus, schools have access to the Internet, all schools are connected to the system of electronic journals and diaries Kundelіk. In total, 691 comprehensive schools with a contingent of 187,245 children function in the region. At present, 70% of school classrooms are equipped with computer and multimedia equipment.

It should be noted that as part of the implementation of the President’s Address, work is underway to expand state support for education and health care with a focus on improving the efficiency of spending in these areas. The Head of State set the task to increase spending from all sources on education and health care from 7.4% to 10% of GDP over five years. Within the framework of the three-year budget, an increase in spending on education is expected from 456.3 billion tenge in the current year to 752.1 billion tenge in 2021, or by 65%.

In 2018, 16.5 billion tenge has been allocated to finance the health system of the East Kazakhstan region and 9.4 billion tenge was allocated for the development of health facilities, 3.6 billion tenge to strengthen the material and technical base, and 0.3 billion tenge for capital repairs.



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