Project Management: "Breakthrough Competences for managing change"

The 30th World IPMA Project Management Congress took place in Astana from 5th to 7th of September. More than 300 foreign delegates from 60 countries participated in the event. Today, the event organizers held a press conference at the Nazarbayev University.

Егемен Қазақстан
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The organizers of the Congress are the Kazakhstan Project Management Association, Public Foundation "Nursultan Nazarbayev Education Foundation" and Nazarbayev University. According to the President of IPMA (International Project Management Association - author) Reinhard Wagner, the 1st World Congress was held in Vienna in 1967. The awarding of the right to host the Jubilee 30th World Congress in Kazakhstan was held at the 29th World Congress held in Panama in September of 2015. As explained by the vice-president of Kazakhstan Project Management Associations and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 30th World Congress Maksat Mamashev, such an event in the field of project management is being held for the first time in the post-Soviet space.

In the Jubilee World Congress, project management specialists from around the world have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills. And when selecting topics, the organizers took into account the fact that now the World Expo EXPO-2017 is being held. "When we thought about the theme of the Congress, we realized that this year one of the drivers will be the World Expo. There, key tools are breakthrough technologies that provide a breakthrough in the field of energy. Therefore, we chose the topic "Breakthrough Competences for managing change", said Sergey Bushuyev, Chairman of the Program Committee of the 30th World IPMA Congress in Astana.

During the press conference, the President of IPMA said that now not everyone understands what Project Management is. "Indeed, it is very important to understand what we are doing. When you want to change your society, you want to climb to the top of the mountain or build a house, first, you just have an idea in your head. But when you need to do something already, you set a plan, and after that, you carry out this plan and implement your idea. This is project management, "says Reinhard Wagner.

According to Maksat Mamashev, the Kazakhstan Project Management Association annually conducts training, but in our country, they do not yet teach the specialty of project management. But Nazarbayev University plans to open a chair of project management next year. And the candidate of technical sciences, the director of the Tiheochean-Atlantic and Black Sea project management Hiroshi Tanaka says that among the CIS countries, project management in Kazakhstan is developing at a rapid pace. "In 2007, I was one of the key speakers and the director of a workshop at the national symposium of the Kazakhstan Project Management Association, which was held in Almaty. I see how many changes have been made in the past 10 years. I would like to note that Kazakhstan is very successful at innovation. As for the World Congress, I really liked the program", said Hiroshi Tanaka.

During the Jubilee Congress, the best project managers and projects were awarded, which was awarded the prestigious IPMA award in the field of project management for IPMA Awards. It is worth noting that in the nomination of the best social project Nazarbayev University received the second place, and in the category of the best projects of medium size - the first. And this year, as part of the World Congress, the game "Sea Wolf - Competent PM" was organized for the first time, based on the ICB4 project management competency standard, which allowed to develop specific skills of project management in improvised project conditions.

The first day of the Congress began with the main reports of leading scientists. The work continued in panel sessions, including a presentation of invited speakers from Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, Britain, Italy, Switzerland. The topics of discussion were breakthrough competencies in the development of education, science, and the main branches of the economy. In addition to panel discussions and academic reports, the work of the practice sections was held in parallel, where advanced methods of managing mega-infrastructure projects and government programs were considered. Also discussed was the application of methods in project management in high-tech industries to automate complex business management processes.

It is expected that the next Congress will be held in Mexico in 2019.




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