16 August, 2017

Principal and teachers

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We often hear disputes about the status of the teacher last time. The attitude toward the work of the teacher has come to the fore of the public question. Their knowledge and competence, the humaneness of individual teachers are also invariably in the public eye. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for analyzing and evaluating the teacher's work. Moreover, taking into account the requirements of time, new forms of control over the activities of the teacher appeared. These days we are using an electronic control system.

It is clear that all the demands for the work of the teacher are ultimately dictated by the concern for the students, their future. After all, the teacher is the first mentor of the younger generation on his way to knowledge, continuing his important mission in the future. An attentive attitude towards him, respect for society is also a traditional school of upbringing, but for the teacher himself.

When a young teacher crosses the threshold of a school, he meets the school’s principal. Currently, the principal’s status is higher than it was in the former Soviet period. In accordance with the law on local self-government, he takes the teacher to work in the school, signs an employment contract. This means that the teacher depends on the principal.

It is thought that State educational policy in Kazakhstan is carried out by thousands of general education schools, lyceums, gymnasiums belonging to the regional, city and district akimats, not to mention the general educational institutions of the republican level. However, nothing has been heard about how the methods of leadership, organizational abilities, the level of knowledge and competence of their principals are being studied and analyzed. It seems that the personal qualities of the school principal, such as his character, principles and attitudes, spiritual wealth, goals, and desires, are a closed topic, not infiltrated for others. But how do you know what he is like as a leader? In his article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness", Mr. Nazarbaev noted: "We are building a meritocratic society, where everyone should be assessed on personal contribution and personal professional qualities. Such a system does not tolerate nepotism." These words are addressed to all, and first of all, to the heads of secondary schools, which are called upon to lay the foundation for the future of our country.

The current director of the school is, you might say, yesterday's teacher or deputy director of the school. It is good, if he, advancing in the service and coming to the leadership position, will show worthy of this difficult and responsible work of knowledge and competence, spiritual wealth, and most importantly, humanity and humanity. And what if not? At the end of the last 2016-2017 academic year, a story was broadcast on TV channels about how the thirteen desperate teachers accused the principal of bribery. This ugly fact, like a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey, casts a shadow over the honor and dignity of school principals. Who will guarantee that this will not happen again in the new school year? Such negative facts affect the life of the whole school, affecting even the parents. What will be the quality of teaching and educational work in this case? This raises a reasonable question: is there a system for selecting and nominating school principals, and if so, which one?

Perhaps there is something to think about ...

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