18 October, 2017

How to raise open-minded persons at schools

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Actual problem of modern society is the formation of an adaptive person. It is who can adapt to social and economic situation as well change his surroundings. If you want a better life in society, you should be creative, intelligent, active, socially responsible and professional.

By formulating such requirements for the individual, the educational process will rise to a new level. Consequently, the modern school should be the center for the formation and development of a strong and competitive person. One of the key issues in the overall education system is the creation of a new knowledge content that contributes to a new generation of young people to think different and have their unified worldview.

The country's educational process is updating based on the words of the President Nazarbayev "Modernization of the national education system is one of the main factors of success in all modernization processes". The current education system reforms are aimed to update the content of education in all levels.

One of the strategic issues of entering to the global educational space is the twelve-year education. Preparations to move to this system are doing by modernization of education content, training of teachers, and modernization of training facilities.

These radical changes require a great responsibility from teacher. He or she is responsible for raising a person who is open to knowledge, and who can choose his future way of life. In order to transfer the education to the updated content, the Bilim-innovation lyceum is systematically implementing new standards. In this regard, there are 30 highly qualified teachers in the specialized boarding school for gifted boys. Recalling the words of the great teacher K.Ushinsky: “Teacher remains teacher, if he continues to get knowledge. When teacher stops doing this, he also stops his mission.” In this turn, our teachers improve their knowledge in short-term courses, and refresher trainings.

Seven teachers made changes to the school curriculum and adapted to the modern educational process. According to the program of education, students learn to work in a group and individually, use their knowledge creatively, as well as to improve their language skills and the ability to solve problems.

No matter how educated the teacher is if he cannot inspire children to learn he cannot be a good teacher. That is why teachers are the key to developing and promoting gifted students. In this regard, teachers of boarding schools organize master classes, trainings, coaching and mentoring to young professionals. Together with teacher’s talents, the education program also needs to support and directs pupil’s inquisitiveness.  

Multilingualism is a great opportunity for students to access to the scientific secrets of the world. Besides the learning the subjects in three languages, students take part in intercultural dialogue and learn to live in poly-cultural society. Through the disciplines of “Kazakh Language and Literature”, “History of Kazakhstan” students learn about Kazakh cultural heritage.

In addition, by having knowledge on physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science in English, students develop their mastering to do a scientific work.

Because of such work, students are freely involved in the English language competitions. As a result, they get the prize-winning places at the international, world Olympiads, and projects.

One of the strategic issues of involving to the educational space is the modernization of the school's facilities and equipment. In order to realize this work, we equip the school according to the requirements of the present day. Classrooms of physics, chemistry, biology and multimedia language laboratories were given to the students. There is an interactive whiteboard in the subject classrooms.

It is also important to maintain an on-line assessment of the quality of education in school management. Through correct governance, school achieved good results.

Ahmet Gazi ÇOLAK,

Director of "Specialized Boarding School" Bilim-Innovations" for gifted boys


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