Government • 17 January, 2018

Nursultan Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan highly appreciates US political support

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Kazakhstan highly appreciates the political support provided by Washington, Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev said during the meeting with US President Donald Trump, the White House reported.

‘It is great to have the highly respected President of Kazakhstan with us. We have a tremendous relationship in terms of economics. A lot of goods are being purchased from our country, meaning jobs –General Electric, Boeing. Tremendous amounts of money’.

‘Kazakhstan is doing very well. They are really — they have turned things around. They have a lot of advantages over some nations, frankly, and they have some tough situations. But the President is highly respected and has done a great, great job. And it’s an honor to be with you’.

‘We were together in Saudi Arabia, developed an immediate relationship, and it is really terrific what you’ve done. And thank you for being here’, said Donald Trump.

‘First of all, Mr. President, thank you very much for your invitation. It is a great honor to be here. I would like to start with congratulating you with a first anniversary in the office. And that year was very productive, and you achieved a lot for your country'.

 ‘And I am the first President from my part of the world to be received in the White House. It is a great honor. And Kazakhstan has always enjoyed the very good political relations, and we appreciate the American support for independence and territorial integrity. And for the 26 years of our independence, we have enjoyed a very good, strong partnership with your country. We appreciate that very much',  Nazarbayev noted.

‘And today’s visit is a witness to that friendship and partnership. And I am looking to the fruitful discussion with you on the topics that are of mutual interest to our both countries. And I do believe that, after this visit, the economic cooperation between the two countries will grow even further’, said Kazakh President.


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