Economy • 15 May, 2018

Government reviews outcomes of passage of the heating season

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Today at the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the results of passing the heating season 2017/2018 and the preparations for the upcoming season were considered.

Minister of Energy, Kanat Bozumbayev, noted that the autumn-winter period was stable. The winter maximum load was registered on January 28 and amounted to 14 615 MW, which is 4.5% more than in 2017.

The planned repairs of the main equipment of power utilities have been carried out in full. 10 power units, 59 boilers and 39 turbines were repaired by electric stations. Also, 638 centralized boiler houses and 24.3 thousand km of power transmission lines were repaired.

Over the past autumn-winter period, the number of technological violations compared to the previous period has been reduced by 12% at electric stations and in electric networks.

"Over the past heating period, major technological violations in the power system have been prevented. Altogether in the heating period, 26 cases of total reduction of electric generation at power plants were found, which is 26% less than in the previous year," the Energy Minister said.

In the period of abnormal cooling during the two weeks of January, when the minimum outside air temperature reached -45 ºC, and in the southern regions of the country — up to -40 ºC, which is below the registered minimum for 2012 by 2 ºC, the energy enterprises provided stable power supply to consumers.

In the past heating season as a whole, energy sources were provided with the required amount of the operating fuel reserve. The operational staff set the work to stabilize the situation with the supply of coal to energy sources.

K. Bozumbayev noted that from the reserve of the Government, financial resources in the amount of 1178.7 million tenge were allocated for the purchase of fuel for energy sources of Kostanay, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl regions for the heating season 2017-2018.

Despite the restriction of mining and loading operations in January of this year caused by worsening weather conditions, coal mining enterprises produced 36 million tons of coal in four months of this year.

At the same time, K.Bozumbayev noted that in general the preparations for the upcoming autumn-winter period are in accordance with the approved timetables.

The Ministry of Energy, in accordance with the order of the Government, organized monitoring of the progress of repair work at energy enterprises, and the information is sent to the Government twice a month.

In accordance with the schedule of repairs of the main equipment of the power plants of the Unified Electric Power System, 8 power units, 56 boilers and 45 turbines are planned for repair this year. For the first ten days of May, work was completed on 2 power units, 4 boilers and 4 turbines. At different stages of repair work is being done on 2 power units, 17 boilers and 8 turbines. In general, the repair work is carried out according to the schedule.

The Ministry together with the central and local executive bodies will work to prepare the energy companies for the coming heating season.

The Minister for Investments and Development, Zhenis Kassymbek, in his turn, stressed that the heating season for 2017/2018 in the republic was held in a stable regime. The MID RK monitored the progress of the heating season in the part of technological violations in autonomous boiler houses, in the networks of heat, water and sanitation. Technological violations were eliminated in a short time by the akimats.

Also, according to Zh. Kassymbek, at the beginning of the heating season, receivables from consumers for utility services amounted to 14.5 billion tenge. As of April of this year, the decrease was by 1.3 billion tenge.

With a view of qualitative and timely preparation for the forthcoming heating season 2018/2019, the MID RK approved the Work Plan for the preparation for the heating season.

"In accordance with the plan, the akimats of the regions, Astana and Almaty cities, must ensure 100% readiness of education facilities by September 1, 2018, complete the preparation of all facilities of public utilities, social services, apartment houses and provide autonomous boiler-houses with standard fuel supply by October 15,” said Zh. Kassymbek.

At present, the plan is brought to the akimats and work is underway on its implementation.

Akim of Akmola region — M. Murzalin, Karaganda — Y. Koshanov, Pavlodar — B. Bakauov, Astana — A.Issekeshev, reported on the measures taken to prepare for the heating season in the regions.

Based on the results of the consideration of the issue, the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that the heating season was generally stable and gave a number of specific instructions to the central and local executive bodies in preparation for the upcoming autumn-winter period.

The Ministries of Energy, Investments and Development, were instructed to monitor progress in the preparations for the heating season, akims of the regions — to ensure the fulfillment of the planned repair works for all heat and power supply facilities, the municipal and social sectors.

The Prime Minister instructed to prevent a repeat of last year's situation, when in some regions there was a shortage of coal and a price run-up. The akims together with the Ministry of Energy, in order to prevent a coal deficit, were entrusted to provide the necessary fuel stock for domestic needs by the beginning of the heating season.

The Antimonopoly Committee is instructed to exclude elements of possible speculation and unreasonable increase in prices for coal.

The control was assigned to the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A. Mamin.


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