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Live broadcast of UNT provides transparency and confidence in testing procedure — MES RK

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Today at the press conference following the Government meeting, Vice Minister of Education and Science, Askhat Aimagambetov, and Director of the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ramazan Alimkulov, responded to journalists' questions on updating the physical resources of lecture halls in which the school graduates will pass the Unified National testing (UNT), reports

According to Askhat Aimagambetov, 785 lecture halls (60%) are provided with cameras to date. For the remaining 40% of classrooms, tenders are being held at the level of local executive bodies.

"This work is conducted annually. Last year, a part of cameras, jammers and metal detectors were updated. These cameras frequently get out of service. Therefore, jammers (cell phone blockers), CCTV cameras need to be updated. Some of them have already become worthless, some do not meet the requirements for the live broadcast," Askhat Aimagambetov informed.

The Vice Minister also noted that this year the number of UNT venues covered by live broadcast will be increased.

"When all the public sees how the child is passing tests, that nobody enters the audience, there are no other circumstances, I think it provides transparency and confidence in the testing procedure itself," A. Aimagambetov believes.

According to Ramazan Alimkulov, in 2018, 1500 lecture halls will be used to conduct UNT. All of them are equipped with technical security equipment: 100% of the auditoriums are provided with mobile communication blockers. At the same time, there is a replacement of mobile phone jammers from 3G format to 4G.

"Since last year we have a goal – to provide all audiences with the 4G standards. To date, 512 classrooms do not have 4G mobile jammers," Ramazan Alimkulov said.

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