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June 4 - Day of State Symbols of Kazakhstan

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State symbols - the State Flag, State Anthem and State Emblem demonstrate to the world the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also continuity between the past, the present and the future of the state.

In addition, they are valuable signs reflecting an unbending spirit, courage and wisdom, a high dream of our people.

The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that "We must honor the symbols of our Independence. Every citizen should respect the State Flag, State Anthem and State Emblem. This is the pride of our people!". These words should remember in heart of every Kazakhstanis. After all, we are talking about special signs full of deep meaning, showing the originality of the people, the features of the lifestyle, its secret purposes and aspirations.

There is no independent country without state symbols. At the time of proclaiming its independence, Kazakhstan consolidated its political status by adopting the Declaration on Sovereignty. Then the question of state symbols arose on the agenda. The first symbols of the country - the Flag and the Emblem were adopted exactly on the 130th day after the declaration of Independence on June 4, 1992. The text of the Anthem also was approved on December 11 of the same year.

The process of adopting state symbols was not easy for a young state. Relevant state bodies and institutions have started with it with all responsibility, thoroughly prepared. In early 1992, the Presidium of the Supreme Council adopted a resolution establishing a working group for the preparation of state symbols. In accordance with this document, a special creative commission was formed. It included well-known lawyers, public figures. Soon, a competition was announced for the development of projects for the Emblem, the Flag and the Anthem. The contestants faced a difficult and important task. State symbols were necessary to contain historical, political, economic symbolism. More than 600 people took part in the competition. Contestants filed 1,200 applications with creative designs of the State Flag sketches. In addition, 245 projects of images and 67 descriptions of the future Emblem were received, as well as 750 versions of the Anthem.

It should be noted that Elbasy played a special role in the process of accepting state symbols. He introduced specific amendments to the Anthem text, paid close attention to the use of relevant terms in the Kazakh language. In addition, since that time, the National Flag of Kazakhstan has flown at various times at the Olympics, various international sports competitions. Many times the Anthem sounded. Our Flag of sky-blue color was installed and on the peaks of the highest mountains, and in the Arctic, Antarctica, even visited the cosmos.

Symbols are placed in prominent places in kindergartens and schools, in higher education institutions and public institutions. The traditions associated with the performance of the Anthem, inculcated from a small age, have an important educational effect. This is especially evident from the reactions of children to the enthusiasm they experience at such moments. In children, youth, pride for their homeland, native land, love for them, and readiness to protect are thus formed.

State symbols in the world are very diverse and sometimes have interesting features. It turns out that the prevailing color on the flags of different countries is red. It occurs in two out of every three cases. Then follow the flags of white, blue, yellow and black colors. As for the anthem, the shortest texts, consisting of four lines, in Japan and Jordan. Also, the longest text of the Anthem in the world is 158 lines from Greece. The Greek poet Dionysios Solomos wrote « Anthem to Freedom» in 1823.

Alisultan Kulanbay,

«Egemen Kazakhstan»

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