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Bakytzhan Sagintayev visits industrial and social enterprises of Aktobe region

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Within the framework of the working visit to Aktobe region, the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited a number of industrial and social facilities, where he got acquainted with the implementation of the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development, the introduction of elements of Industry 4.0 and the modernization of healthcare and sports infrastructure, reports

Acquaintance with the development of Aktobe city began at the site of Kazakhstan Plant of Oil Equipment LLP, implemented in late 2017 as part of the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development.

At the plant, the Prime Minister got acquainted with the technological process for manufacturing vessels for operations under high pressure and block-component equipment.

During the inspection of the plant, the plant’s director A. Kashlayev said that the quality of the production exceeds 96%. So, for the first half-year the volume of production reached about 5,000 tons for 3.6 billion tenge. The produced pipes are used to transport gas or liquid fluid from the well to the surface, fasten oil and gas wells during their drilling and for subsequent use, and also to drill wells in the search for water, minerals, etc. In addition, the block-complete equipment is intended for obtaining road and building bitumen and fuel oil, and the units are designed for drilling wells.

In addition, Sagintayev was informed about the development prospects of the enterprise. Together with foreign investors, it is planned to implement a new project "Production of Carbon Black" with a total investment of 16 billion tenge and creation of 100 new jobs. The capacity of this project will be 50 thousand tons per year.

After the visit to the plant, Akim of the Aktobe region Berdybek Saparbayev reported on the current projects in the Aktobe industrial zone, as well as on the ongoing work on digitalization and technological modernization of industrial enterprises in the region.

The Aktobe industrial zone has an area of 200 hectares. Currently, seven projects are under construction. In 2018 it is planned to commission four projects worth 29.4 billion tenge with the creation of 508 new jobs.

Deputy Akim of the Region Serik Tulenbergenov, in his turn, reported on the development of roadside service in the region and the implementation of the road repair plan. Thus, in order to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State to achieve a 90% share of the roads in good and satisfactory condition, by 2022 the volume of road repairs is increasing every year.

"The network of highways of republican importance on the territory of the Aktobe region is 1,897 km. In 2016, 99 km were repaired, in 2017 — 302 km, this year it is planned to repair 404 km for a total of 35.7 billion tenge and in 2019 it is forecasted to repair 452 km for 43.6 billion tenge," Tulenbergenov informed.

Chairman of the Board of KazavtoZhol NC Yermek Kizatov presented the work of the KazWay service pavilion. According to him, this year on the territory of the Aktobe region it is planned to install seven similar pavilions along the republican highways and the international transit corridor Western Europe — Western China with a length of 609 km.

For January-June 2018, the industrial production in the Aktobe region amounted to 815.3 billion tenge. Physical volume index is 105.1% to the corresponding period of 2017. In the manufacturing industry, there is a growth in the production of refined products, rubber and plastic products, metallurgy, and finished metal products.

In the Aktobe region for the second five-year plan (2015-2019), Business Support Maps have implemented 23 investment projects for 195 billion tenge with the creation of 2.9 thousand jobs. To date, 14 projects have been put into operation, more than 1,100 jobs have been created. These are projects for the production of lime, fasteners, grinding balls, silicate products, metal structures and metal products, pasta, trauma-safe coatings, dairy products, meat processing plant, chromium-containing waste processing, oil and gas equipment and pipes, windshield liquid and antifreeze, mini-refineries, and house-building combine.

In the course of the working trip Bakytzhan Sagintayev also visited a number of social facilities realized on the principle of public-private partnership: Daru Zharygy ophthalmology center, the central emergency and first aid station First Aid LLP, as well as the Zhekpe Zhek Sarayy.

During the Prime Minister’s visit to medical organizations, Head of the Health Department Asset Kaliyev said that in order to use the high potential of the healthcare of the Aktobe region more effectively, to improve the quality of medical care provided to the population of the region, the health infrastructure is undergoing a comprehensive modernization.

"Unique technologies of treatment have been adopted in the region, such as liver and kidney transplantation (37 kidney transplants and 12 liver transplants have been performed in two years), endoprosthetic replacement of large joints, a wide range of endo-video-surgical methods of treatment, In Vitro Fertilization Center with a modern genetic laboratory have been opened," Kaliyev informed, also reporting on the further plans for the medical cluster’s development.

For reference: In 2018, 8.5 billion tenge were allocated for financing the health care sector of the Aktobe region, 4.2 billion tenge — for the development of medical facilities, and 1.9 billion tenge — for strengthening the material and technical base.

Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited the Daru Zharygy modern ophthalmological clinic. The medical center is equipped with high-tech equipment and innovative technologies from the US, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, which meet the world standards of quality and safety.

It should be noted that about 1 million appeals to ophthalmologists are registered annually in Kazakhstan, of which more than 400,000 are diagnosed with an ophthalmic pathology for the first time. The urgency of this problem was the reason for the implementation of this important project. So, the Center was commissioned in December 2017, and at the beginning of the current year — began to receive patients through the mechanism of guaranteed volume of free medical care. The hospital of the center is designed for 60 beds and 500 visits per day.

During the inspection of the diagnostic department, the Prime Minister was informed about new digital projects. Director of the Daru Zharygy Galymzhan Yeleuov noted that the clinic is already equipped with the medical information system “Medelement.” At the moment, the systems “Qamqor” and the mobile application "Damumed" are being introduced. Thanks to the integration of medical information systems, doctors will have a full picture of their health status, and queues in polyclinics will be reduced through advance online registration. Patients will be able to receive consultations, prescriptions from the doctor, hospital sheets, the results of the conducted studies, without leaving home.

According to the Akimat of the Aktobe region, to date, 81% of organizations are covered by medical information systems. Until the end of 2019, the level will reach 100%. In addition, a project for the transition to paperless management of medical records has been implemented in the region since July 1.

As a whole in Kazakhstan, in the first half-year of 2018, medical information systems covered 96.7% of healthcare organizations up to the district level. At the same time, 100% of health organizations up to the district level have internet access. The expected effect of the digitalization of the health care system: the level of population satisfaction with the quality of medical care: 2018 — 44%, 2019 — 49%, 2020 — 55%, reduction of the doctor's appointment time by 50-60%.

Familiarization with the development of the health infrastructure continued during the visit to the emergency medical care center of LLP First Aid. The project was implemented under the public-private partnership mechanism jointly with Turkish investors. Since March of this year, the Central Emergency Medical Station with a capacity of 75,000 calls a year, with an auto garage for 28 ambulances, has been launched.

During the visit, the Prime Minister inspected the structural units of the ambulance station, got acquainted with the work of the dispatch department, call center, ambulance teams, met with the staff of the institution.

It should be noted that the station has the latest equipment. A single call-center has been created for 15 "103" consoles for receiving calls from the population of the whole region with subsequent medical sorting. Calls from residents on-line are received and monitored by trained specialists of LLP First Aid. The center is provided with the means of operative communication with the emergency medical services, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Emergency Department, the fire service, the sanitary aviation, the regional center of medicine of catastrophes, Primary Health Care and the hospitals of the city receiving emergency patients, and is equipped with resources for satellite monitoring of the sanitary vehicles of the region.

Deputy Director of First Aid LLP Gulay Topchu said that along with the work of a single information and analytical call center, an electronic calling card was introduced and a procedure for geocoding is performed upon receipt of the request. Calls are presented on the GPS-navigator driver and on the tablet doctor (paramedic) ambulance. Today 16 reanimobiles, 2 diagnostic vehicles fully equipped with modern medical equipment, and 16 cars for emergency medical care work on the line around the clock.

"The car is equipped with all the necessary equipment. The device is designed to remove the electrocardiogram. There are exchangeable blocks for adults and children," Director of First Aid LLP Bakhytzhan Turmetov said.

In just six months, 177,472 applications were received. New digital technologies allow improving the quality of care for patients with cardiovascular diseases, reducing the number of late calls, and also arriving at accidents in a timely manner.

Within the framework of acquaintance with public-private partnership projects in the region, Bakytzhan Sagintayev also visited the Zhekpe-Zhek Sarayy Palace of Combat Sports for holding major sports competitions of the national and international levels.

Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports Meirambek Makhambetov noted that the building is equipped with modern collapsible rings on the platforms, carpets for fighting, tatami and other sports equipment for training.

According to the Regional Akimat, many projects within the framework of state programs for the development of health, culture and sports are implemented on the basis of public-private partnership and social responsibility of business. Today, 108 PPP projects with a total investment portfolio of 43 billion tenge are being implemented in the region.

The Ice Palace, the Hockey Module, the Tennis Center and the Track Hall are being built in Aktobe under the PPP mechanism. In order to popularize sports and instill healthy lifestyle skills among the youth, 14 street workout sites and a skate park were built in Aktobe. There are 28 children's and youth sports schools in the region, six of them have the status of specialized schools. In the sports school there are 47 kinds of sports sections attended by over 17,000 students.

In total, 1,670 sports facilities operate in the region. Including: 17 stadiums, a sports palace, 14 sports complexes, 981 sports facilities, 33 hockey and 28 tennis courts, 6 ski bases, 9 swimming pools, 544 sports halls, etc.

Recall, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev makes a series of working trips to the regions on behalf of the Head of State. Earlier, trips to Atyrau, Karaganda, Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Mangistau, South-Kazakhstan and Akmola regions took place.

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