Economy • 14 August, 2018

Measures taken to prevent unreasonable increases in coal prices - Roman Sklyar

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At a press conference in the press center of the Government, First Vice Minister for Investments and Development Roman Sklyar talked about measures taken to prevent unreasonable increases in coal prices.

According to him, the initial price for coal, as a rule, is formed directly "at the side" of the section. Then, coal is transported by rail to the destination for unloading (railway terminal, station), where the price of National Company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC estimated according to the approved standards. When loading and unloading works, as well as when loading coal in road transport and delivering by road to the consumer is completed, the final price is formed. And an unreasonable rise in the cost of coal can occur in both stages. However, the ministry says that they keep this situation under control.

"We have our own territorial bodies — both in the Ministry of Energy, and in the Ministry for Investments and Development. We will additionally monitor further: the amount of coal at each railway dead-end and its cost. Therefore, if there are such cases (note - unreasonable overstating of prices), for this, first of all, local executive bodies are responsible. And we will monitor this situation in a manual mode and immediately correct it," Sklyar said.

By the way, on the cost of coal: the maximum price of coal without VAT in Maikuben-West LLP is 2,633 tenge per ton. Depending on the fraction, coal at Shubarkul Premium LLP costs from 4,800 tg/t to 7,300 tg/t, Karazhyra section shows the cost of coal reaching 3,350 tg/t.

As for tariffs for transportation of coal, they, according to Sklyar, are regulated.

"We know what the cost of a daily rental car — from the cut to a specific railway deadlock, where they trade this coal. We trace the cost of coal — it does not change. Further, together with the local executive bodies, we will look at the trademark of the owner of this impasse and the transport component. The consumer can either take out this coal himself, or hire some transport company. These tariffs are also known to everyone, this is the market, but nevertheless it is impossible to overstate something. We see that perhaps there will be abuses of the price of the owner of the railway impasse, which sells this coal somewhere. Therefore, together with the akimats, we will look at how each coal store what value the consumer gives," Sklyar stressed.

According to him, local executive bodies also have certain levers that they can apply to normalize this situation.

In general, the price for the country is from 11 to 16 thousand tenge per ton, depending on the transport component.

"For example, coal, which is transported from the Pavlodar region to the West Kazakhstan, will naturally be somewhat more expensive than the same coal that will be consumed by residents of the same Pavlodar region and auto transport to climb from the cut," first vice-minister concluded.

Acting Chairman of the Board — General Director of KTZh-Cargo Transportation Kairat Saurbayev, in his turn, spoke about the tariffs for transportation of coal by rail. He drew attention to the fact that the transportation component, without taking into account the wagon owners' rates, in the coal sales price at the destination stations is about 7% on average.

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