14 September, 2018

Ministry for Investments and Development conducts weekly monitoring of coal shipment to regions

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At what stage is the preparation for the heating season, are the power plants ready for coal shipment, will the tariffs for coal be raised and, in general, what is the situation in the country on the threshold of winter colds. To find the answers, read the review material of PrimeMinister.kz.


According to the Ministry of Energy, the preparation of the country's energy enterprises is organized and is at the final stage.

"For the sustainable energy supply of the country's consumers in the coming autumn and winter period, according to the approved Schedule of repairs of the main equipment of the power plants of the Unified Energy System of Kazakhstan for 2018, 8 major power units, 56 power boilers and 45 turbines are to be overhauled and extended," the Chairman of the Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control Committee of the Ministry of Energy Sungat Yessimkhanov said.

At present, four power units (50% of the annual volume), 32 boilers (57%), and 24 turbines (53%) have been repaired at power plants. For turbines and boilers, the pace of work is 10% higher than in the previous year. At different repair stages, work is under way on 4 power units, 24 boilers and 21 turbines. 439 (88% of the annual plan) of 500 boiler houses in the district heating zone have been repaired.

According to Yessimkhanov, 3.3 million tons of coal and 78,000 tons of fuel oil were accumulated in the fuel depots of power plants, which in general corresponds to the normative volume.

"At the boiler houses in the district heating point, 1.1 million tons of coal, or 84% of the plan and 25,000 tons of fuel oil have been accumulated. All year round, coal and other types of fuel are provided at power stations. All power plants are ready to receive coal," the committee chairman said.

Along with this, modernization of electric grids is carried out in accordance with the concluded investment programs of regional electric grid companies. Also construction of new electric network facilities is underway in the framework of the program Nurly Zher.

As Yessimkhanov informed, for the preparation of electric networks of the unified power system of Kazakhstan for the autumn-winter period 2018-2019, scheduled repairs of transmission lines with a total length of 28,477 km, as well as 5,848 substations.

"As of the current date, 24,000 km of power transmission lines have been repaired, which is 85% of the plan for the year and 4,500 substations, which is 77% of the plan. In the third quarter, it is planned to introduce electric transit North-East-South, which will increase the reliability of the Unified Electric Power System of the country as a whole," Yessimkhanov said.

In addition, in order to eliminate possible technological disruptions in the operation of electrical grids, operational and mobile brigades, equipped with the necessary materials, spare parts, specialized equipment and professional personnel, have been created in the respective district and city areas of the operating organizations. Electric networks of Kazakhstan in the coming heating season will provide reliable power supply to consumers.

In turn, deputy chairman of the Committee for Industrial Development and Industrial Safety of the Ministry for Investments and Development, Kanat Baitov, said that 71 million tonnes of coal were produced by September, 4.5% more than in the same period in 2017.

"Weekly monitoring is conducted on the shipment of coal to the regions. For today all regions are provided with coal. For example, in Astana today there are 8 dead ends, where coal is sold directly. In all regions, their headquarters have been set up, which will regulate the price of coal on the ground," Baitov said.

According to him, the issue of coal prices in some regions depends on the quality of the product.

"Today, the quality of coal, the population allocates such deposits as Shubarkul, Karazhyra and Maikoube. Now we are in control, to work a smooth delivery schedule from the field to the implementor. With the implementers, memoranda concerning prices will be drawn up. The price will be monitored, the tariffs for transportation of coal will not rise. KTZh will also monitor and, if necessary, redistribute coal from one locality to another," he explained.

Also, the ministry will monitor the development of the field, while controlling the entire coal sales chain in parallel.

"We will monitor how many people work at the facility, whether they are going to increase their production volumes, what development plans are there for the future. In general, we will work in detail with each coal mining enterprise. The whole chain will be worked through: from the cut to the dead end. In those settlements where there are no railroad deadlocks, we will deliver coal by car in connection with which the price will be a little more expensive," Baitov added.

As the Deputy Chairman for Development of Astana-Energy JSC Oleg Utkin explained, today at CHPP-2 there are four power boilers and four turbines in operation. The preparations for the heating season 2018-2019 are actively conducted.

"Coal reserves at the station today are 214,000 tons. The contracts for the supply of coal have been concluded since the beginning of the year, therefore we do not foresee any failures in the supply of coal or in the repair of equipment," Utkin assured.

Meanwhile, the station is now generating electrical loads of 330 megawatts.

"The heat according to the dispatcher Astana-Teplotranzit set at 70 degrees goes to the city, the pressure is 7.5 kg. Repairs of equipment are carried out according to the schedule: there are no backlogs or failures in the schedule, therefore we are sure that we will be completely ready for the heating season," Utkin summed up.

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