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Under e-AIC program, by 2020 about 4 thousand farms should become digital — Arman Yevniev

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November 6 at the press conference following the Government meeting, First Vice Minister of Agriculture Arman Yevniev spoke about how the instructions of the Head of State are being fulfilled to improve agricultural performance.

Recall, the Head of State in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan set the task of increasing the productivity of agricultural production and export of processed agricultural products in 5 years at least 2.5 times. Yevniev noted that in order to implement this task, changes were made to the State Program of the Agro-Industrial Complex. Today, specific measures are being taken. According to him, there are all opportunities for the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State.

In addition, Yevniev noted that in the Address-2019 “Growing Welfare of Kazakhs Citizens: Increase in Incomes and Quality of Life,” the President noted that the potential of the agro-industrial complex must be fully realized, and instructed the government in the next three years to provide additionally at least 100 billion tenge every year for the development of the complex.

As Yevniev notes, all these measures should improve the indicators of labor productivity and exports of processed products. The first vice minister spoke about the measures being taken by the Ministry of Agriculture in this direction.

“We have 14 major agricultural regions. For each region, we have developed regional agricultural development programs. In these programs, indicators ‘labor productivity’ and ‘export of processed products’ are fixed. Each region should, taking into account the potential of its districts, supplement the program with specific projects,” explained the first vice minister.

These projects are submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture before implementation. For the weekly monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture, 92 projects were also taken, they are being implemented within the framework of the food belt around the city of Astana.

Yevniev also answered questions from the media about the digitalization of the agro-industrial complex. According to him, today there is a separate program for digitalization — e-AIC. It identifies specific indicators. The main ones are public services, subsidies should be 100% automated. Another important indicator is that by 2020, 4,000 farms should become digital.

“This job has already started. In order to help them, we opened three polygons and launched precision farming technology there. If we talk about the effectiveness of this technology, for example, at the Barayev Institute, 3,000 hectares of land sprouted wheat two times higher than other farms,” said the first vice minister.

In addition, Yevniev reported that a roadmap is being prepared in the field of agronomic science. Regional innovation centers will be created in each region. At the same time, new organizations will not be created. The existing branches, institutes on agricultural sciene and experimental stations will be united into one center, where technologies and current trends will be studied.

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