Government • 15 January, 2019

Biometric parameters can replace electronic signatures for receiving some public services

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Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” Ablaykhan Ospanov told about the use of biometrics in new developments of the Public Service Centers at the press conference following the Government meeting.

According to him, the biometric parameters of Kazakhstanis, which are provided voluntarily, can replace the digital signature when receiving a number of public services.

“From the moment of launch, literally in two weeks, about 1.5 thousand citizens gave their own biometric data. In the future, extensive development of mobile government is planned, in which services will be supplemented,” said Ospanov.

The interest in using biometric parameters in government agencies, employment centers of the population is increasing. So, for example, the Ministry of Healthcare plans to hold biometric authentication when issuing or receiving drugs, thereby confirming to the point that the person received the drugs. With the help of biometrics in public access points you can get an address certificate and a certificate of the absence or presence of real estate, and through service center operators all services provided by the state corporation.

According to Ospanov, the biometric parameters are being collected in the cities of Astana and Almaty, but during 2019, approximately until September, it is planned to cover all regions of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, Ospanov said that today the procedure for granting sick leave will be fully automated. The employer will be able to familiarize himself with the sick-list in electronic format without the need for a paper version.

“When you go to a doctor and he opens you a sick-list, respectively, the information is entered into a single health care system. Now in the republic there will be such a system for controlling the issuance of sick leave. Information about the sick leave will immediately go to your employer automatically, thus there is no need to carry it on paper. And the falsification of sick leave will automatically disappear,” said Ospanov.

Also today it is planned to reduce the period of marriage registration from 30 days to 3 days. Today, the ministry is working on the issue of citizens having the opportunity to choose a suitable date for them.

In addition, Kazakhstanis have the opportunity to replace a driver's license online. Today, almost 5,000 citizens have replaced their driver's license without visiting a specialized public service center. The online registration and re-registration service is also launched.

“Citizens have a unique opportunity to completely check their fines, view taxes, pay them and re-register vehicles in the online format, as well as order numbers,” he informed.

Ospanov stressed that the Government for Citizens is ready to listen to the opinion of citizens and consider proposals for improving the work of public service centers. For this, a corresponding platform was created in 2018, where about 38 proposals were selected for improving the self-service sector, forming an electronic queue, creating a single repository, etc. For some, road maps have already been adopted.

Recall that today there are 326 e-government front-offices in the country. Over the past period, over 32 million services were provided.

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