Government • 18 January, 2019

Digitalization of technological cycle in entire construction industry will improve quality of housing — Kairbek Uskenbayev

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At the press conference in the press center of the Government Vice Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Kairbek Uskenbayev spoke about the work being done to improve the quality of housing built in the country. In particular, he spoke about improving the procedure of state acceptance of finished housing.

First of all, Uskenbayev focused on explaining the state acceptance procedure.

“The state reception is when a ‘runner list’ from about 20 services, is assembled in akimat. Then people run around to sign it. Those people who run have never been at a construction site, and it is difficult to say that they were responsible for this quality. Therefore, we have changed the structure. Who is responsible for the quality? First of all — the one who issued the technical project; the second is the designer; the third is the builder; fourth — technical supervision, which is obliged to check; the fifth is the State Architectural and Construction Control, which, on behalf of the state, exercises control over the construction progress,” said the vice minister.

According to the speaker, now five institutions are directly responsible for the quality of construction. In this regard, administrative and criminal liability was introduced. Thus, whose mistake and at what stage was made, he must bear personal responsibility.

As part of the execution of the Head of State’s order for acceptance on the example of Astana, at the three facilities of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, digitization of the technological cycle in the entire construction industry is carried out. To date, this software product is ready for almost 90%.

Uskenbayev noted that earlier the acceptance process took place in paper format. The customer provided the construction company with design and estimate documentation, which, as the vice minister noted, was huge. In a construction company, technical supervision, foremen lead a magazine of construction works. So everything is compiled in the paper version, then at the end of the construction is given, printed and packaged.

“Now in the blockchain system: all the constructions of our country will be on the electronic portal. If someone wants to build – he should officially upload the design and estimate documentation to the portal. Technical supervision, foremen and all those involved, receive electronic keys. All interested parties came to see for themselves what construction equipment is working at the facility, what decisions are made on technology, what building materials are used. If there are comments, they are left in electronic format. In this system all public services that are needed will be connected. The whole country will see in real mode how this construction is proceeding,” said Uskenbayev.

At the same time, answering the question about citizens' access to the data portal, the vice minister noted that participants in shared construction will be able to assess the quality of construction at all stages.

“Whoever participates in shared construction should have the access. He should see the progress of construction, at what stage and of what quality. Now we are already implementing it in pilot mode at three sites in Astana. In 2019 we will put into commercial operation. From 2019 we will try to project on all the construction projects in our country,” the speaker concluded.

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