23 January, 2019

Expert on the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan: Raised issues and their solution will help improve human capital

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2019 is declared by the Head of State the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. Head of the Sociological and Image Research Program of the World Economy and Politics Institute under the Foundation of the First President Serik Beisembayev shared his expert opinion on the role of youth organizations and the importance of developing state support for volunteers.

According to the expert, in Kazakhstan with the announcement of the Year of Youth, new opportunities are opening for the transformation of youth policy in the country. The main vector of changes will be associated with the systematization of the work being done, as well as increasing the targeting of state assistance for various groups of young people.

“First of all, the state seeks to streamline the measures that are aimed at addressing issues of youth employment. There are several programs in the country, for example, Zhasyl El, ‘With a Diploma – to the Village,’ etc. There are Youth Resource Centers that help young people to find jobs. Despite this, as our research shows, employment remains the No. 1 problem for Kazakhstani youth. The new initiatives announced by the President are intended to focus the attention of government agencies on this problem, as well as to increase the effectiveness of existing programs,” said Beisembayev.

At the same time, the state plans to increase the accessibility of education in the following years. This is especially important for young people from villages and small towns.

“The development of the system of secondary special education will help increase the level of adaptation of this category of young people. Here it is important that the quality of education meets the demands of the market,” he stressed.

In addition, as the expert noted, the youth policy in the country seeks to support the new trend to increase the social activity of young people. Supporting volunteers through material incentives, the state not only directs youth activity in a positive direction, but also sets a new direction for youth organizations.

“As we can see from the example of large cities, there are more and more initiatives to improve public spaces, help the poor, improve environmental awareness, etc. The new generation is very interested in participating in such projects,” he said.

Thus, it is important that in the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan, the problems of youth will be actualized at the highest level. Those issues that are raised are complex and their solution will help increase human capital in general. And this is a key priority of social policy in Kazakhstan.

Recall that in the Address “Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Incomes and Quality of Life,” President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced the Year of Youth. During 2019, measures will be taken to fully support and implement the state youth policy.

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