President • 15 February, 2019

Kazakh President meets with winners and prize-winners of international sports competitions

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The meeting was attended by President of the National Olympic Committee T.Kulibayev, Chairman of the Committee for Sports and Physical Culture S.Sapiyev, Honored Master of Sports in Freestyle Moglu Y.Galyshev, Professional Boxer S.Akhmedov, Master of Sports of International Class in Figure Skating E .Tursynbayeva, master of sports of international class in ski jumping from a springboard S.Tkachenko.

The head of state highlighted the achievements and contribution of young masters in the development of domestic sports and the promotion of Kazakhstan’s image in the international sports arena.

- I am pleased to meet you. This year has been declared the Year of Youth in our country. And sport is mainly a matter of the young. The state pays close attention to the development of this sphere. Looking at you, young people join the sport and a healthy lifestyle. Your achievements contribute to strengthening the prestige of the state, - said the President of Kazakhstan.

In turn, the young masters of sports shared their impressions of performing at international competitions and talked about future plans.

- I always call on Kazakhstani youth to play sports. In all areas, a modern sports infrastructure has been created: stadiums have been built, and covered complexes have been erected. After all, sport is a guarantee of health and longevity, said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The head of state pointed to the prospects for further professional growth of young athletes.

- I see that everything is still ahead of you. Winning a medal at the world competition is not so easy. I want the youth to equal you, grow healthy and strong, - said the President of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, Nursultan Nazarbayev urged athletes not to stop at what has been accomplished and achieve new successes.

During the meeting, young athletes were presented with memorable gifts on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan.

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